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Christmas gifts for mums who run

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Part of the reason why running is such a popular form of exercise is because you really don’t need much equipment. I would say that a good sports bra, a pair of trainers, vaguely active clothing and a hair band are the essentials. Beyond that though, there are lots of things that can make our running lives a little easier. Fortunately, when you start running, people like to buy running-related gifts. In fact, that’s probably why you’re reading this gift guide. So, let’s take a look at a few gifts that mums who run would love to receive for Christmas.

Thule Glide 2 Jogging Pushchair

If you know a mum to a little one or a mum to be who loves to run, the Thule Glide 2 jogging pushchair is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. Specifically made for running, the Thule Glide 2 has an aerodynamic, lightweight design with large 18” rear wheels, fixed 16” front wheel, and room for your kick stride. You get speed with the fixed front wheel, and you can feel safe knowing you can stop at any time with the integrated handbrake. Designed to go fast, the Thule Glide 2 will still keep your child comfortable and safe at all times. The fully adjustable, padded harness delivers a perfect fit and the ventilated canopy protects from the elements. The Thule Glide 2 is an absolute joy to run with for mum and it’s super comfy for your little passenger too!

Little boy sitting in a Thule Glide 2 running buggy smiling and holding red flowers
Natalie running around a road roundabout pushing a running buggy with her nephew in, both are smiling and trees in the background have red and orange autumn leaves

DNA Testing Kit From Bio-Synergy

Anyone who has trained for an event or even just tried to lose weight will have come up against the feeling what works for others just isn’t right for you. This year, treat the runner in your life to personalised diet, exercise and lifestyle advice tailored to their own DNA. With a DNA testing kit from Bio-Synergy, they’ll get access to 300+ in-depth reports with actionable insights. Reports include ageing, eye-health, gut-health, heart-health, immunity, injury risk, mental wellbeing, muscle health, skin health, sleep and stress. It’s time for the runner in your life to level-up and find out how to be the best version of themselves.

Helly Hansen Featherswift Trail Runnings Shoes

The ideal gift for trail runners, these Helly Hansen Women’s Featherswift Trail Running shoes are designed to provide support wherever off-road running leads you. These are rugged and stable with plenty of cushioning and flexibility. Their lightweight material ensures they don’t weigh you down as you cruise along the trails. These are quick-drying because trail running doesn’t always go to plan! Featherswift trail running shoes are available in five different colours and sizes from 3 to 8, including half sizes.

Light blue Helly Hansen Featherswift Trail Runnings Shoes pictured against a white wall with red flowers behind

High Waisted Seamless Leggings From Lovall

I have been using high waisted leggings from Lovall for a few years now and can highly recommend them as a gift for runners. They are ideal for running in especially in the Winter months, as well as for other sports. However, don’t overlook them as everyday wear as well. These seamless leggings are an absolute joy to wear. They would be equally great for horse riding, hiking through the countryside or pairing with your favourite top and shoes to create a comfortable yet stylish outfit. Lovall leggings make ideal gifts for runners. It’s no secret that we like to be comfy even when we’re not running. So, a stylish pair of leggings that can be sports kit or everyday wear will definitely make us happy.

Aqua coloured high waisted leggings from Lovall displayed against a wooden backdrop with red flowers beside

Yonex badminton racket and net set for the whole family

The chances are, mums who run probably enjoy keeping fit with their whole family. This Yonex badminton racket and net set is ideal for everyone to play together. With four rackets, shuttlecocks and a net in a handy carry case, it’s great for playing in the garden. Ours is going to live in our camper van for setting up at the beach. Badminton HQ have loads of badminton sets available. You can also buy all your badminton supplies there, from shoes and clothing to rackets and shuttles.

Yonex family badminton set displayed beside red flowers on a wooden shelf with gold Christmas decoration

Moisturising Pamper Hamper

Mums who run will always make time for their children and their running – not necessarily in that order. But when it comes to treating themselves to a pamper, they can’t always find the time. That’s why a hamper that brings the spa to the runner makes an ideal Christmas gift for mums who run! The 7th Heaven Moisturising Pamper Hamper Gift Set does just that. It includes 9 different face masks consisting of sheet masks, clay masks and peel-off masks. There’s a mask for dry and damaged hair too, as well as a soft cleansing washcloth. With treatments for different skin types, this is a lovely way for mums and their kids to bond with a joint pampering session at home.

Moisturising pamper hamper displayed against a wooden backdrop beside red flowers

Festive Protein Balls From The Protein Ball Company

Talk to any runner and they’ll willingly explain the importance of having plenty of protein in your diet. Sadly, keeping your healthy eating plan on track at Christmas is not so easy. That’s where The Protein Ball Co’s Festive Mince Pie protein + vitamin balls come in handy. Instead of buying mums who run a box of chocolates as a stocking filler, why not go for a box of these tasty snacks? They’re packed with seasonal flavours that will cure cravings for something sweet and keep runners fuelled up and ready to go.

Box of Mince Pie Protein Balls from the Protein Ball Co displayed on a wooden shelf with red flowers behind

Protein Snack Bars From Pulsin

The range of protein bar flavours from Pulsin means that there is something for everyone. If you know a runner who likes to top up on protein after a workout, these will be a real treat. Pulsin stock an award-winning range of feel-good wellbeing and sports nutrition products, including plant-based on-the-go protein and keto bars and powders to help active mums get the energy and nutrition they need to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. Pulsin’s bars and powders are all gluten-free, vegan, and low-carb. They don’t compromise on quality or mouth-watering deliciousness. Pulsin even has a dedicated Keto range to support people using that diet this Christmas.

Protein bars in various flavours displayed on a wooden shelf in front of red flowers

[AD] Contains gifted products

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  1. You won’t be surprised to discover that this is pretty much my favourite gift guide ever, so thank you! I think I ‘need’ pretty much all of those things. I’m about to start experimenting with fuelling because, as an IBS sufferer, I think it is something I will struggle with, so I’m going to add Poppets to my list! I’ve always hated Skittles, but I was going to try M&S Veggie Colin sweets, as well as gels and Clif Bloks and even tiny pieces of pitta bread with peanut butter.

    1. Ahh thanks very much I’m so glad you like it! Fuelling is tough isn’t it? Poppets are really easy to carry with you though and you can’t go wrong with chocolate treats!