Christmas gifts for the older generation - towels

Quirky Christmas gifts for the older generation

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As people get older, they seem to become more difficult to buy for. It may be because you reach a certain age where you have all you need, or because you’re trying to cut down on clutter. Either way, here are a few ideas on what to buy for the person who has everything.


Sentimental keepsakes are often the gifts we appreciate the most. Something to remind you that the person who bought it is thinking of you.

Personalised hip flask: This hip flask from prezzybox comes in a personalised leather sleeve. Choose up to three initials to engrave on the sleeve. Then, make it even more individual by choosing the colour of both the flask and the sleeve. If you know their favourite tipple, filling it up with a little of what they love will really make their Christmas.

Gemstone heart pendant: Little Silver Hedgehog handmake jewellery from recycled silver. Every purchase supports a hedgehog hospital that rescues and rehabilitates British hedgehogs until they are well enough to return to the wild. Choose a heart pendant with the recipient’s birthstone for a truly individual keepsake, safe in the knowledge that your money is going to a great cause.

Getting outdoors

For anybody who loves being outdoors, walking clothing is always welcome. Make sure that your loved one is ready for anything on their hike with these items.

Walking boots: If you’re hiking off road, walking boots are a must during the Winter. Something with a good grip will make you less likely to slip over, avoiding the sort of injuries that will keep you indoors. These Berhaus Women’s Walking Boots from Blacks are ideal, and would make a great Christmas gift.

Walking trousers: Complete the look with a pair of Women’s Walking Trousers from Millets. These are comfortable and stretchy, with a belt around the waist. Ideal for walking, but they look great too. It’s always nice to see people getting some use out of the things you buy them, so why not suggest a stroll after Christmas lunch so your recipient can try them out?

Hat and gloves: It wouldn’t be Christmas without some new Winter warmers. North Face Etip women’s gloves from Blacks are both warm and functional. Being very thin material and with a silicone palm, they don’t restrict you from doing anything. You can even use your phone in them. A women’s North Face beanie hat combines classic styling and modern warmth so you can stay outdoors for longer, even on the coldest days.

Keeping warm

It would seem a little pointless keeping toasty and warm outside, only to feel chilly indoors. So, here are some fabulous ideas to keep warm wherever you are.

Secret pillow: These multi-functional secret pillows are ideal for use as a sofa cushion or a bed pillow. Better still, when you open them out, they become a warm blanket. They are manufactured by Secret Projects, who empower women in India to become financially independent by making the pillows and other items.

Hydratem8 coffee cup: I’m not sure what it is about takeaway coffees that makes them so appealing. Perhaps it’s the coffee they use, or maybe just the fact that someone else makes it. But these days, most of us can’t justify the waste of using a disposable coffee cup every time. So, a takeaway coffee in a Hydratem8 reusable coffee cup lets us have the best of both worlds. For parents and grandparents among us, it prevents cold tea disasters too!

Stocking fillers

Sometimes, small stocking fillers can be just as much fun as a large or expensive gift. Here are a few things that even the person who has everything will love.

Chocolate sprouts: There are a few people I buy for who love nothing more than a joke present. These chocolate sprouts from Find me a Gift are the ideal solution. Imagine opening your Christmas present and thinking it was a box of sprouts! Luckily, they are made from solid chocolate and they taste delicious. I checked.

Environmentally friendly towels: There’s nothing more comforting than getting out of a warm bath and wrapping up in a soft towel. Add to that the feeling of knowing your towels have had a positive impact on the environment, and you’re onto a winner. For every Kushel towel sold, they plant enough trees to bind more CO2 than was produced when the towel was made. Each towel is made from beech wood fibres and organic cotton, and their Kickstarter project is now live.

Personalised chocolate chip cookie: This giant snowman cookie from Prezzybox can be personalised with your own message. An ideal gift for anyone you won’t see this Christmas, the cookie comes specially packaged so it fits through the letterbox. It’s suitable for vegetarians and has a 14 day shelf life. It’s tasty too, I made sure of it.

Grow your own chocolate scented flowers from Prezzybox: I often buy plants as gifts, I prefer them to flowers because they last longer. There’s a sense of achievement in growing something yourself, so I love the idea of a kit that allows you to grow your own flowers. And if they happen to be chocolate scented flowers, so much the better. The recipient of this kit will have everything they need to grow daisies that smell like chocolate.

Vie Naturals Moroccan Hammam Spa gift pack: Whilst it would be lovely to be able to go to a relaxing health spa every week, it’s not really practical. So, this Moroccan Hammam Spa gift pack is a great alternative. Each set consists of Beldi Black Soap with Eucalyptus, Rhassoul Clay from the Atlas Mountains and Argan Oil, all sourced from Morocco for an authentic Hammam experience. The revitalising soap prepares your skin for exfoliation. The clay moisturises and removes toxins and impurities and the oil hydrates hair, skin and nails. An exfoliating glove is also included in the set.

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  1. Some great ideas here. I especially like the gloves. I get really bad eczema on my hands in the cold, so I’m always on the lookout for the perfect gloves. And I love the idea of the ethical towels too. It’s so important to think of the environment and those less fortunate than ourselves at Christmas, rather than just creating yet more waste!

  2. Chocolate sprouts, brilliant. Think I might get some of those for my son this year. Both my mum and my Auntie Linda like a jigsaw so that’s another nice idea for a gift.

  3. Hi Nat, OooOOOooo I love the little hedgehog pendants. Growing up we used to be fascinated by the hedgehogs visiting the garden at night and would lie beside the French windows watching the. It’s a shame to think that there numbers are becoming scarce… The secret pillow is rather nice too, but I do draw the line at chocolate scented flowers! I love chocolate and they would drive me mad!


    1. It is so sad about hedgehog numbers declining isn’t it? I love the hedgehog pendants too, and the secret pillows – plus the fact that both support such great causes. I hadn’t thought about that with the chocolate scented flowers, I think I’d like the smell but it may make me eat more chocolate!