Basic Rules of a House with Healthy Energy

The psychological cleanliness of our home ensures that the place where we live gives us and our families strength and energy. This means that all the inhabitants of our home hurry to come back as soon as possible, wherever they are. Each home has its own energy, its own mood, its own smells. All these elements are assembled from many small components. Of course, households themselves and their mutual relations play an important role in building a good atmosphere in the house too. Feng Shui science teaches you to create positive energy in your home by harmoniously locating every object. Let’s look at the rules of a house with healthy energy.

Rule one

The first and most important condition for clean and transparent energy in the house is love, mutual understanding and harmony between its inhabitants. Swearing and raised voices will always negatively impact a home’s energy.

Rule two

Keep your house clean. Don’t underestimate regular carpet cleaning! Dust and dirt carry negative energy. It is difficult to imagine comfort and warmth in a dirty house. Have you heard the expression, “If you feel bad or things are not going well, you need to either wash yourself or clean up the house”? It’s totally true.

Therefore, whether we love cleaning or not, we need to devote our time to it. Or alternatively, use professional carpet cleaning in Putney. Choosing a professional cleaning company to help us keep our carpets and upholstery clean can be quite a stressful process.

Although there are hundreds of providers of carpet cleaning services in London, only a few deserve your trust. They won’t let you down, they won’t disappoint you, they won’t damage your carpets and won’t be late for the service you pay for.

I went through this process of choosing the right cleaning company. It took me weeks to make the decision and I believe I have made the best choice – Prolux Cleaning. I guarantee that if you test their services, you will be more than satisfied. They helped me cope with carpet and upholstery, full of stains. They returned the beautiful, bright colours of my furniture and the whole energy of my home was transformed.

Two secrets regarding cleanliness of the house

The first secret is to develop the habit of “walking on top”. This means that everything left lying around must be put in its place. Because small, scattered things such as magazines, slippers, wires and children’s toys create a feeling of a dirty house and chaos. Tidiness contributes to the impression of cleanliness and order, even if the floor is not washed and the dust is not wiped. The second secret is to always keep the area of ​​the apartment that is first visible when you enter super clean. If your front door leads directly into the living room, then this room should always be well-groomed and cleared of rubble.
Should unplanned guests visit us, a neighbour comes running or a courier arrives, the clean room in which they will wait for us and where the meeting will take place will leave a good impression about us and the apartment as a whole. Keeping that in mind, a clean carpet in the living room is a must! Experts can be quite helpful as they offer special discounts for regular clients. This means that having spotless carpet can be quite an affordable procedure. Often, quick visits from guests do not go beyond the first room. Therefore, keep this secret to yourself in order to meet people in a clean house. It’s also nice to go into a cozy, clean room when you arrive home.

Rule three

Do not keep old things! Things that are not used for a long time take our energy to themselves and don’t allow fresh forces to flow into our lives. Therefore, we should often disassemble pantries, mezzanines, cabinets, drawers and shelves. This prevents old energy from accumulating within them. Storing junk in reserve is bad for your health.

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