Girl lying on Just4Kids green loose cover sofa

Bedroom furniture for children

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As children get older, they tend to want to spend a bit more time in their room. Because my two girls share a room, they don’t have a lot of space in there. We’ve offered them the opportunity to have their own rooms, but they love being together. So instead, we have to make the room homely with things that take up minimal space. A special children’s sofa is an ideal solution. It’s just the right size for the two of them to sit on, without making the room look cluttered or small.

Two girls sitting on Just4Kids green loose cover sofa

Just4Kidz Children’s Furniture

Just4Kidz sell a beautiful range of children’s furniture in a variety of fabrics. Beanbags, chairs, headboards, a toy box and even a chaise longue are available in just the right size for little ones. After much deliberation, we went for the loose cover sofa. As it sits both of them comfortably, it avoids any arguments. Additionally, the cover can be removed and washed, or replaced completely if you fancy a change.

Just4Kids green loose cover sofa

Whilst all the fabrics are completely adorable, there was only one choice in our house. The green ‘ponies’ fabric has a horse theme with stables, ponies, trees, flowers and butterflies. I didn’t tell the girls I’d ordered the sofa, and the shrieks of delight when they saw it must have been heard in the next town.

Girl sitting on Just4Kids green loose cover sofa smiling

The Just4Kids loose cover sofa

The Loose Cover Sofas are handmade in the UK. The frame is solid wood, with comfortable foam cushions. Size wise, it’s aimed at primary school and pre-school children. The sofa arrived in a box, fully assembled. Washing instructions were included in the box. You can remove the cover and hand wash it at a low temperature. You can even iron it before putting it back on. If only everything in the house was as childproof as that. 

For us, the loose cover sofa fits neatly in the girls’ room. They can snuggle up on it to watch their tablet, or one of them can sneak off there to read in peace. It makes a beautiful addition to their room that is both aesthetically lovely, and practical.

Girl sitting on Just4Kids green loose cover sofa eating an apple

What’s next for the girls’ room?

The next few weeks will be bringing with them a good few changes in our house. Not least the fact that we’ll finally be in a position to make some improvements to our home. The girls’ room is my priority, so their new sofa is a great starting point to make the room more cosy. Whilst I hope they won’t want to spend too much time hidden away, it’s great for them to have that option of their own snug little space.

Girl lying on Just4Kids green loose cover sofa

[AD] Contains gifted products

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    1. Aww it’s so lovely, I am so glad we went for the sofa in the end. It has proved a bit of a breakthrough too, Libby has sat and read a book on it twice now. This never happens so I’m hoping it will continue!

  1. I love it! I love the design you choose, my girls would like this one too, as they love horses at the moment. Its nice for them to have their own place to sit x

    1. Thank you Laura. We’re all really pleased with it, plus you can change the fabric if they suddenly go off horses… as if that would ever happen!!

  2. This really is lovely. I love the jolly shade of green – it’s quite unusual, and very chic.

    1. Thank you, it’s really lovely. Lia is massively into horses and Libby is all about bright colours so it couldn’t have been better for the two of them.