Thursday photo #283

I’ve always been a serial over-committer. Do you want to do this? Yes, absolutely. Let’s do it. There’s never much of a thought process. Can I do it? Am I committing to a one-off event or months of training? Those thoughts only ever occur after I’ve said yes. It frequently leads to some brilliant adventures. It definitely leads to a chaotic lifestyle.

Cancelled plans

Next weekend, I was supposed to be reviewing a hotel. We were all going to be there for the weekend, including the dog. Whilst I was absolutely looking forward to it, there was also a small sense of dread. Yet another Friday leaving home straight after the school run. Sitting in traffic for a few hours before having a weekend packed full of activities and adventures.

I’d never cancel though, that’s just not me. I hate letting people down. If I’ve said I’d do something, I’ll be there. I know this isn’t everybody’s attitude, as demonstrated by the Tough Mudder event we did at the weekend. Nine of us were due to be there. In the end there were only four. Actually, the run was better for it. We had a brilliant team and enjoyed every minute of it. But that doesn’t stop me from being disappointed that people commit to things and let others down by pulling out.

Tough Mudder team at the start line

Having said all that, when my plans are cancelled by somebody else, it often feels like an absolute relief. Take next weekend for example. The hotel emailed a few days ago to say they needed to cancel because they were about to be refurbished. Excited though I was about the weekend away, I wasn’t disappointed when they cancelled. Instead, we’ll be having a quiet weekend. Lia will go to a couple of birthday parties we thought she wouldn’t be able to attend. We might visit a National Trust property or go out for lunch. In general though, we’ll relax at home. It’s just what we need.

Bringing home the gold

A few weeks ago, Libby took part in her first swimming gala. She was delighted to win two silver medals. Her second gala was on Saturday, and the strokes she was doing were her favourites. She is particularly strong at breaststroke, which doesn’t surprise me because that was my stroke as a competitive swimmer too.

The results of the gala weren’t announced on the day due to a delay which meant the races finished late. So when Libby went swimming on Tuesday, she was full of anticipation. Would she get a medal? Much to her delight, she got another silver in backstroke, and finally got a gold in the breaststroke.

Having chattered away about ‘bringing home the gold’ since the day she found out she was in a gala, this has made her week. More importantly, she’s worked really hard for it. Swimming doesn’t always come naturally to someone as tiny as Libby, so being rewarded for her hard work with a shiny gold medal made it all worthwhile.

Thursday photo #283

Another last minute job because we had one of those weekends where I just didn’t take many photos. I’m starting to look forward to half term with these two now. Two more weeks to go.

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