Being organised: Black Friday deals

Every summer, I decide around August time that this year, I’ll be ready for Christmas. By the time November comes around, I have usually realised that my decision was absolute nonsense.

If I’m honest, this year is worse than ever. Last Christmas, I finished making my Christmas cakes sometime around midnight on Christmas Eve.

I’d overdone it on the fruit soaked in brandy and there was quite a lot left over. Well, enough for another cake. So, I decided that when we’d finished our Christmas cake I’d make another one.

I didn’t. Until the end of August when we were about to go on holiday. As it had been swimming in brandy, the fruit was still fine. It turns out fruitcake is a pretty amazing to take camping.

So when we got back from holiday, I was determined to start getting Christmas presents, making this year’s cake and generally being ready before Christmas Eve.

As usual, it all went wrong. So, I’m pinning my hopes on Black Friday. And it turns out, this wasn’t such a bad idea.

According to the Telegraph, the deals on Black Friday are even better than those on Boxing day as the shops try to kick start the Christmas sales.

This year, Black Friday falls on the 27th of November. I’ve had a look through some of the retailers that are promoting their Black Friday deals already and there are some pretty impressive discounts going on.

Better still, some retailers are running competitions with huge prizes based around Black Friday. In the Halfords Black Friday Competition, they’re giving away an incredible £1500 worth of goodies to the winner.

Being organised: Black Friday deals

The prizes include everything from bicycles to Sat Navs to car stereos and sound pretty amazing. So, if you’d mind refraining from entering so that my chances of winning are better, I’d really appreciate it.

I have no idea what to buy the girls for Christmas. Libby isn’t really helping. I did ask her what she wanted and she said a fish toy. Totally odd request so I hope Father Christmas knows where to get one of those from.

Lia has taken a real liking to Libby’s bike, so when I win the Halfords competition (I greatly appreciate you not entering, thanks very much) I’m hoping the prize includes a very, very small bike.

Being organised: Black Friday

Please note, this is a collaborative post with Halfords. All views, opinions, disorganised tendencies and toddlers with bicycle envy are my own.

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