Our Thursday Photo #78

Things are definitely getting a little easier here. I’m still struggling to find the time to do anything but somehow it just doesn’t seem quite so difficult.

Perhaps that’s because we’ve had a few really nice days since last Thursday. The first was the fireworks at Drayton Manor last Friday.

Sad though it was that my husband couldn’t come, it was lovely to see my friend and we all had a fabulous afternoon and evening. The fireworks were truly spectacular.

Libby is back at nursery now that half term is over and she’s got straight back into the swing of things and is enjoying it as much as ever.

Lia is starting to miss Libby more and more when she’s not here. This was demonstrated this evening when I took Lia in to say goodnight to Libby. Without being prompted, Lia said “Love you Bibby”.

I think it’s Lia that is suffering the most with all the chaos. She tends to get dragged round after me to do whatever I’m up to, which is never much fun for a tiny little person.

That said, her speech, counting and singing is coming along well. She’s also getting progressively less clingy and more confident which is lovely to see.

This week, I’ve been enjoying getting back into my blog. It’s something that I’ve always loved doing but being forced to almost walk away from it for a few weeks made me realise how much I missed it.

There is always talk of of statistics, followers, numbers, money, work, awards and a plethora of other gripes within the blogging community.

The events of the past few weeks have made me realise that none of it matters. I want my blog to be as good as it can be, but ultimately it’s my hobby and one that I enjoy and find quite therapeutic.

My Thursday photo posts give me an opportunity to look back on the week and record both what we’ve done and how we’re all getting along.

I’m grateful for that because it forces me to look for the positive in things and take stock of how lucky we all are.

And on that note, it’s time to share how lucky the girls were this weekend.

Their aunt has recently got back from a holiday to the USA and whilst she was there, she paid a visit to NASA. In our Thursday photo #78, the girls are modelling the beautiful spacesuits that their aunt brought for them.

I may be just a little bit biased, but they are by some considerable distance the cutest astronauts I’ve ever seen.

Thursday photo #78

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