Our Thursday Photo #15

Well, here we are at week 15 already. It is strange to think that by the time Libby was the age that Lia is now, I had gone back to work full time. I was commuting for just over an hour each way, getting up at 5 am to feed Libby and leaving the house at around 6.30 am. I would be back shortly before 6pm, to spend a short time with Libby before feeding her and putting her to bed. Lia seems so young and so dependent on me, I feel terribly guilty that Libby wasn’t with me during the six weeks when I was back at work. 

I was incredibly lucky that I then found work that I could do from home, and I haven’t looked back since. Whilst I am now doing different work, it remains an absolute godsend to be able to do it from home, so that I get to spend so much time with both children. 

Libby has been really well behaved this week, enjoying the different outings that we have had together. We never do anything too exciting or costly, but just enjoy short trips out and make the most of each other’s company. Lia is also starting to pay a lot more attention to what’s going on around her. It was particularly surprising for her when she woke up yesterday in her baby carrier and found herself face to face with a reindeer. 

This week’s photo isn’t the best I have taken, or even the best out of the few photos I took at this time. I did have a couple where the girls were both smiling and looking at the camera, but I love how this one shows how interested they are in each other these days. It is difficult to get either of them to focus on anything but each other when they are together. Long may it continue. Here is our Thursday Photo #15. 

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