The latest in a series of weekly photos of two siblings taken every week since the youngest was born.

Thursday Photo #108

This week, we have been on holiday at Blairmore Farm in Perthshire, Scotland. It is quite literally the most beautiful, luxurious place we’ve ever stayed. The self-catering cottage is on a working farm with highland cattle, sheep, horses and chickens. The cottage itself is huge with every luxury you could possibly imagine, from a bread maker to fluffy towels and robes.

The girls have spent the majority of the week outside in the fresh air. They have fed the cattle, collected eggs from the chickens and been swimming in Loch Leven. We haven’t eaten out once because eating at the cottage has been so easy and enjoyable. I will be reviewing Blairmore Farm when we’re settled back in at home, but it is safe to say it’s been one of the best weeks we’ve had in a long time.

Yesterday, we spent some time around Loch Leven, with Libby riding her bike without stabilisers for the first time ever. I couldn’t believe how quickly she got the hang of it – after just a few minutes of me running along behind her, she was riding it on her own. Libby definitely doesn’t have the confidence to ride her bike completely unaided yet, so we have lots of cycling practice ahead of us.

After cycling, we headed to the park for them to play, before moving on to swimming in the Loch. Both girls went right into the water, not batting an eyelid about the cold in their Konfidence wetsuits. I managed to get in for a swim as well, accompanied by Bubbles who was delighted to be able to get in the water with us. Pluto wasn’t quite so happy about it, but he waded out to cool down.

It has been lovely to spend the week doing outdoor activities that have cost us nothing. The girls even found some slates from the farm and painted them to hang on the walls. We have been joined on holiday by some friends who have older children. My two have loved being with the older girls, Libby in particular has felt really grown up.

Lia has been sleeping in a bed for the first time ever, and has got along remarkably well with it. For the first couple of nights, she woke up slightly worried by the different environment, but she has quickly grown to love her bed and the beautiful room she shares with her sister. It is safe to say that none of us are rushing to go home.

This morning, one of the girls on holiday with us has kindly painted Libby and Lia’s faces for them. I think you’ll agree, they make quite scary tigers!

Our Thursday Photo #108The latest in a series of weekly photos of two siblings taken every week since the youngest was born.

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