Our Thursday Photo #2

After a difficult start with Lia, things are getting much better this week for our family. We are all over the sickness bug now and Lia seems to have escaped it. Libby is back into her clubs that she does in the mornings now, and Lia came with her to both her singing group at the library and her ballet class this week. I was lucky enough to have my sister Emma to help out at both, but I think I’ll just about manage both of them on my own this week. 

Hubby is still off work, but he has been putting up some decking in our garden with my dad for the last few days, so I’ve been looking after both girls. Much as it has been hard going, it’s good to know that I’ll manage when he goes back to work. Libby is still delighted to have a baby sister, and more than willing to pose for photos with her. So here is our second Thursday Photo. 

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