Our Thursday Photo #3

Well Lia will be 3 weeks old on Saturday. This is hubby’s last full week off work and he and my dad have been working on our decking for most of the week, we’re hoping it will be finished by next Monday before he returns to work on Tuesday. This has meant that I’ve been coping with these two monsters by myself for most of the week. They have both been exceptionally well behaved, but it is still rather exhausting, particularly when I’m not getting much sleep. I can’t help but look forward to Lia getting a little bit older so that there is more interaction between her and Libby and I can get a bit more sleep.

Today’s photo was taken at my mum’s house. I really like the light that shines onto her sofa from her big window behind it. The novelty of having a baby sister still isn’t wearing off for Libby, she just couldn’t be happier. She is super affectionate with Lia, even as I took the photo she didn’t want to smile for the camera because she was giving baby sister a kiss. Lia is getting more alert now, at last I have a photo of her with her eyes open!

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  1. Lovely girls 🙂 I feel for your situation though, it’s tough when you’re sleepless with a little one but the slightly bigger one needs you so much too. I spent a lot of our first year with Toby sitting on the floor crying with tiredness while Ollie climbed over me. It passes though and memory is a wonderful thing that erases out a lot of those memories and just stores up all the delicious cuddles, sweet baby breath and gazing in wonder at tiny fingers 🙂 Always here if you need someone to moan to xxx

    1. Thanks Maz. I don’t have too much to moan about really, Lia was only up once in the night last night and just had a 10 minute feed and nodded off again. Everything just always seems harder with tiredness and post-baby hormones to contend with!xx