Our Thursday Photo #55

This week can only be described as trying. 

When I thought I couldn’t possibly taken on any more work or responsibilities, a few more things were thrown at me. It’s a good job I learnt to juggle as a child, it is a life skill that’s serving me well. 

Libby has been somewhat truculent. She didn’t seem very well earlier in the week, although with hindsight I think she was probably just tired from a busy weekend. 

Because she didn’t seem quite herself, I let her have some time just relaxing on the sofa and watching nursery rhymes on the computer. 

Both girls enjoy this, they sing along and do the actions (Lia doing so in her own inimitable way). But it’s not something I let them do very often, partly because we are usually just too busy. 

But every time I let Libby have any form of screen time, her behaviour just seems to deteriorate. 

For the last few days, she has been particularly stroppy. She has been demanding her own way and we’ve been having a constant battle with her and her tantrums. 

Today, after yet another tantrum I told her that she wasn’t watching nursery rhymes again until she started to behave herself again. 

It was like flipping a switch – she has been behaving much better since then. 

I don’t know whether there is any research into the link between screen time and behaviour, but this is something I’ll be looking up. I may well write a blog post about it in the future. 

But for now, the lid to the computer is remaining firmly closed. 

With or without the computer to sing along to, both girls enjoy a good sing song. Today’s Thursday Photo #55 was taken during their sing along at bedtime.

Libby sings and they both do the actions. I think Lia was just watching this evening but Libby was getting very animated. 


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