A mum of two girls has been photographing them together every week since the youngest was born. Thursday Photo 101

Thursday Photo #101

I finally feel like things are calming down a bit here. Everything is still chaos, I still have tidying up, paperwork and gardening that should have been done months ago, but I’m slowly starting to catch up. Or at least not get any further behind.

I’ve had quite a lot going on with my blog over the past few weeks, resulting in lots of lovely things coming our way to review, for both myself and the girls. And of course, the dogs got involved too with their fabulous dog’s tea party.

The next couple of days are huge for both girls, with exciting changes happening. Tomorrow is Lia’s first morning at nursery. She’s only going to go one morning a week, to the same nursery as Libby although at a different time. I can’t believe she’s old enough to start nursery already, how did she get so big?

And for Libby, there is an even bigger event going on – Saturday is the date we find out which school she has a place at. I wrote previously about what we could do if she didn’t get a place at a school we were happy with. Now that I’ve got it clear in my own mind what we’re going to do, I feel a lot better about the situation.

I put down three schools for Libby, all of which were under-subscribed and all of which we loved. Unfortunately, we are not in the catchment area for any of them, and Libby’s is a high birth-rate  year, so I’m not overly hopeful.

If we are only offered a place at our local school, the first step for us will be to get on the phone on Monday morning to the local education authority. They will be able to tell us which schools are under-subscribed this year.

The next step of the process will be going to look at the schools, chatting to the teachers and parents of existing students. Hopefully we will find one that we love. We are in a fortunate position that I’m willing and able to drive Libby to school, so we don’t have to stay local.

If there really isn’t anywhere for Libby to go that we are happy with, she will be staying put in her current nursery for another term and going on the waiting list for a place at a few schools that we think would be a better fit for her.

Saturday is going to be a difficult day for many parents across the country and I wish you all luck in getting a place at a school that you feel comfortable sending your child to.

This week’s Thursday photo was taken at the dog’s tea party last weekend. I did toy with the idea of using a photo of the girls in their dog masks, but the cheeky expressions on their faces in this one were better than any mask!

Thursday Photo #101

A mum of two girls has been photographing them together every week since the youngest was born. Thursday Photo 101

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