A trip to Germany, a trampoline and a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang related error - this was our week.

Thursday Photo #120

This time last week, I was nervously looking forward to my trip to the Black Forest. I was excited of course, but it would be the first time I’d left my girls for more than a night since I had them.

As it turned out, I didn’t have much to worry about. We were all sad when I left and the few nights I was to be away seemed like a lifetime. Libby in particular was upset, but she coped with it well and I went on my way.

I had an amazing trip and going to the Black Forest was a bit of a lifetime ambition for me – my dad’s family originated from there and I’ve grown up hearing stories about it but never visited. The scenery was every bit as stunning as I’ve always imagined.

The Black Forest - Europe's best kept secret

But as expected, there wasn’t a moment that went by when I didn’t miss the girls. Everywhere I went, I imagined coming back with them in tow. I watched families doing high rope climbing, swimming in the lake and enjoying the theme park and I knew how much my favourite small people would have enjoyed it. And when I saw the bunk beds in my hotel room at Europa-Park, I was even more gutted that they wouldn’t be able to sleep in them.

The Black Forest - Europe's best kept secret

But the time passed quickly and it was actually nice to just be me for a few days and have a break from being mum. An added bonus is that we’ve already decided where we’ll go for our next holiday – we’ll be heading straight back to the Black Forest. I didn’t make it to the village my ancestors originated from, and that will be first on my list of places to see. But I know Europa-Park will be top of the list for my husband and the girls.

Both Libby and Lia have had a great week despite my absence. Libby is now swimming a few strokes of proper front-crawl as well as her length of doggy paddle. She can’t start at swimming club until she’s five but as soon as she can, I know she’ll want to. And Lia’s potty training is going brilliantly, she’s had hardly any accidents since I came home.

And as for my husband? He got on better than expected looking after the girls on his own. I know it was hard work for him, but it all went relatively well. Until today that is, when he took it upon himself to teach the girls the song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. If only Lia didn’t have a lisp and pronounce ‘sh’ instead of ‘ch’ it wouldn’t have been such a bad idea.

This week’s Thursday photo was taken on the trampoline. Whenever we’re at home, this is where they both want to spend time. It really was the best £90 I’ve ever spent.

Our Thursday Photo #120

A trip to Germany, a trampoline and a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang related error - this was our week.

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