Our Thursday Photo #40

Ah 40 weeks. I knew there was something that rang a bell about that number. Apparently it’s how long a pregnancy is supposed to last. Not so for me, I was induced both times. So I should be able to tell you that Lia has now been out as long as she was in. But not just yet, give me another couple of weeks. But I’m not bitter. 

So, Lia’s 40th week could only possibly be classed as busy. I’ve had quite a bit of work on for a while now, but this is the first time I’ve had so much on that I haven’t even managed to fit in running or blogging. I’ve finished work each night at around 2 am, except for last night when it was closer to 3.30 am. 

Lia has had a couple of monumental breakthroughs over the last few days. She finally has a tooth coming through and she’s managing to pull herself up to a standing position. This may not seem like much of an achievement, but please note how heavy she is (very). It’s actually an endeavour for me to pull her, up so the effort for her must be colossal. 

Despite these new developments, Lia remains too laid back to bother going anywhere. She doesn’t really bother to crawl much, preferring to sit and wait for Libby to bring things to her. And while other 9 month olds cruise around the furniture, Lia is content to just cruise around the dog bed. I don’t think she’s going to be much of an adventurer. 

Libby on the other hand is a little whirlwind. She is still very well behaved and rarely does anything that could realistically be classed as naughty. But the constant talking is enough to drive anyone to distraction.

And she has also hit the “Why?” phase, sending me almost instantly into the “Just because” response. Yes, this makes me a bad parent. But the list of my many parenting errors is much too long for this post, I will have to dedicate a whole post to it. Or maybe several.

But bad parent moment #974 for the week comes in the form of our Thursday Photo #40. This beautiful record of the two of them growing up together is about to be tarnished by this half-arsed attempt at a photograph, which appears to be the best out of around 10 I’ve taken today. 

You win some, you lose some. 



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