Children reading an oversized book

Thursday photo #207

After a couple of difficult weeks, this has been quite a good one. We’ve settled back into the school routine, the sun has been shining and it was my husband’s birthday. This of course means cake, and every good week needs cake.

Exploring Herefordshire

We live very close to the border between Worcestershire and Herefordshire. And I’m not sure why really, but we never spend a great deal of time in Herefordshire. So at the weekend, we headed that way for a day out. We had an amazing day at Goodrich Castle, then went to Hereford cathedral to see the weeping window poppies.

View through window of Goodrich Castle

Every time we go that way, it reminds me how beautiful the countryside is. I’m hoping to do some more exploring over there in the near future. It seems such a shame to be nearby and see so little of the area.

A lifestyle change

This past week has been a bit of a lifestyle change for me. I’ve been working with XLS to try out their meal replacement shakes. This started last Wednesday and since then, I’ve lost 3lbs. But it’s not just the meal replacement shakes that have made a difference. Starting on the XLS programme gave me the kick I needed to get a bit more active.

I’ve been running with Bubbles virtually every day, we even made it up the hills at dawn on Sunday. Last night was my regular long run and I found it so much easier than usual. I have much more energy day to day too. I only wish I’d set my mind to doing it months ago.

Little achievements

It’s easy to lose sight of the little achievements that mean so much to children. For Libby, after struggling with reading for quite a while, she has suddenly started to find it easy. It makes such a big difference to be listening to her reading a story that she’s engaged with rather than struggling through it.

Lia had a bit of a breakthrough this week too. There is nothing she loves more than ballet, it’s the half an hour in the week she looks forward to the most. But it can be a bit difficult for her, because she’s the youngest in the class. Today, she came out telling me that she was star of the week. This was lovely in itself, but apparently she was awarded it for recognising the beat of the Waltz. I knew this was something they learnt about in ballet, but it didn’t cross my mind that she’d manage to pick it up at three. A little achievement but one that means a lot.

Our Thursday photo #207

I loved how engaged the girls were with this book at Goodrich Castle. It’s so difficult to get the girls to pose for a photo without pulling faces or being silly. But actually, these natural photos are the ones I’ll look back on and smile at because they remind me of a lovely day out.

Children reading an oversized book

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  1. Those are amazing photos. The one of the dog is truly stunning. You know how much I am a sucker for a pretty sky. I love castles too and the kiddies one is so cute. In fact all my favourite subjects right here. Love this xx

  2. The sunrise photo is STUNNING! Lovely to read about the girls’ achievements. My daughter is the youngest in her class at ballet too! About half of the girls are 14, there are a few 16 and 17 year olds and even a 21 year old, then my lovely little 12 year old.

    1. Thank you, it’s such a relief when they start to enjoy reading isn’t it? I loved seeing your posts about how well Jessica did with her reading, lots of inspiration in the times when Libby was finding it difficult, made me realise we’d get there eventually. Thanks so much for your comment Louise, thinking of you all.

  3. I totally forgot you had said you were wanting to lose weight – you look amazing to me! I guess being active is good though – I ought to get the boys out regularly each day really. Oh well done on your girls’ achievements – you must be so proud 🙂

    1. Ahh thanks so much. I think being active is good, but it also makes it quite difficult to lose weight because I’m already doing so much exercise, the ‘move more’ part of losing weight doesn’t really do much for me!