Thursday Photo #151

With the Easter holidays edging ever closer, we’re all looking forward to a break. It seems that as the term goes on, things get busier for us all. And nothing is ever easy is it? I had intended to focus on Pinterest this week, but due to a technical hitch I’ve been virtually unable to use it. There’s no sign of it getting fixed for me either.

The weekend

We had a busy but brilliant weekend, heading to Bath on Saturday to visit my sister. It’s a beautiful city and really not far away. And yet we haven’t been there for years, which is just ridiculous. We went on an open top bus tour, did some shopping and went for a pretty amazing afternoon tea.

Sunday was mother’s day and we spent most of the morning swimming. For the first time ever, we took a ball with us to the pool and both girls were able to join in with a bit of a game of water polo. Lia is still wearing a swimming aid, but Libby managed to tread water for ages while she threw the ball around. After a short break, she was straight back into the pool for her swimming lesson.

By the afternoon both girls were exhausted and enjoyed a well-earned nap before my mum came over for dinner. Luckily Libby didn’t have homework over the weekend, I have no idea how we would have fitted it in.

This week

Libby’s school have been busy again this week. She dressed up as a ladybird, did a class dance and storytelling and tomorrow she has a school trip. She had an appointment at the eye hospital today too and luckily her eyes are much the same. It’s always a worry that the squint or her sight may have worsened and she could have to be operated on again. So although they’re a pain, it’s always reassuring to have her eye hospital appointments.

Yesterday at dinner, we were chatting about the fact I’d have to pick Libby up early to go to the hospital. Lia didn’t really join in with the conversation, but I wouldn’t have expected her to as it didn’t concern her. Later that evening, I was putting Lia to bed and she said, “Can I look after Libby?” I asked her what she meant and she managed to explain that she was worried about Libby going to the hospital.

She’d heard us talking about Libby going to her hospital appointment and thought she was going to be there on her own. She was worried that Libby would cry if she was on her own, so she was going to go with her. She asked if I’d pick her and Libby up when Libby was allowed to go home.

I’m not sure why Lia thought I would leave Libby at the hospital. Perhaps it’s because she knows we leave her at school on her own. But it was a lovely thought that she wanted to stay and look after her so she wouldn’t be on her own.

Thursday photo #151

Libby had to dress up for school this week, and she chose to go as a yellow and black ladybird. She made the wings herself, I helped her to cut a piece of card into shape and she drew black spots on it. She also chose to wear her onesie and yellow swimming hat to finish off the look. Lia defaulted to her fairy dress, which she always asks to wear when Libby is dressing up. Silly faces optional.

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