Our Thursday Photo #54

This week, hubby has taken the week off and I’ve managed to spend every day and evening on work. This has given me the time to get really into setting up my palm oil free website. 

Whilst I’ve been working really hard, I’ve also enjoyed it and I can see how much progress I’ve made. 

The girls have enjoyed having the week with their dad. Libby in particular has delighted in taking him to ballet and playgroup, it’s a real novelty. It makes me realise how lucky I am to be at home with them all the time. 

This week, the two fabulous local attractions that we are brand ambassadors for have also been busy. 

Drayton Manor are welcoming the first ever child concierge to their hotel. Noah is nine years old and will be on hand to advise child guests. They have even been sending in questions to him in advance. It sounds like he will be kept busy.

This would be Libby’s dream come true. She is desperate to get a job and totally doesn’t understand that she won’t be allowed to at age two. I think she’ll be eyeing up Noah’s job when he grows out of it. 

The Sea Life Centre in Birmingham have also been busy. Their new competition is particularly appealing to me because they are looking for the #StarOfBrum, a young person who has done something amazing for local conservation. 

Whilst my girls are much too young at the moment, I hope that in the future they will do their bit for conservation. If you know anybody under 16 who deserves to win, please do nominate them. It is an award to be really proud of. 

I am delighted to say that whilst Libby is still too young to properly understand environmental concerns, she is aware that palm oil is bad and will ask if things contain it, showing a preference to things that don’t. 

I really hope that both girls grow up to be considerate to the environment and to animals. 

Libby has taken to dressing herself these days, and choosing her clothes. This often results in her going out in slightly odd combinations, sometimes on back to front, inside out, upside down or all of the above. 

Hence the fact that in our Thursday photo #54 Libby is rocking the folk hat / onesie combination. Both girls were enjoying the rare treat of watching some television together. 



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