Thursday photo #159

Thursday photo #159

Well what a mistake that was. Last week I mentioned that things seemed to have calmed down. Of course, what followed was a busy weekend with a night out and a blogging conference. Then came a long drive home to deal with ill children. All. Week.

The sickness bug

Libby rarely gets ill, but when she does, she always makes a proper job of it. Last October we ended up in A & E with her due to a vomiting bug. And this week hasn’t been much better. We were again advised by NHS 111 to take her to the local hospital. But this time we knew it was just the way she was effected by this sort of illness so we sat tight to see if she got better, which she did. Slowly.

By Tuesday night, Libby was over the worst of it. At which point it was Lia’s turn to take up the baton. This is where working from home comes into its own. I was of course able to be there for the children when they were poorly. But it’s tough. There was still work to be done despite the severe lack of sleep.

Thursday photo #159

The half ironman that wasn’t

I’m starting to accept that I’m just not ready for the half ironman I’m supposed to be doing in June. I had got into a routine of running and cycling enough to think that I would make it. But this week has set me completely off track. We’re away next week so the lack of momentum looks set to continue. I am confident that I could make the distance, but I’m not sure it would be within the time limits.

On the plus side, I’ll keep up with the new exercise routine anyway and focus on the Vitality Move 10K for this year. And in September I’ll have notably more time when Lia starts pre-school, so I hope to be better equipped to take on the race next year.


I wrote about parkrun earlier in the week, but I haven’t mentioned how Libby and I got on when we ran on Saturday. This was only the second time she’d done it and the previous one in September took her around 43 minutes. This time she managed it in 38.38. I was so impressed with the way she kept going and I do wish I could manage a 5 minute PB in the course of seven months!

Thursday photo #159

This week’s Thursday photo was taken yesterday afternoon when both girls were starting to feel a bit better and had the energy to go outside and play. They weren’t back to their usual energetic selves, but it was a start.

Thursday photo #159

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