Thursday photo #184

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I’d forgotten about the dental appointment, or the eye test. I knew they were happening, even had a rough idea that they were this week. But they still came as a bit of a surprise. Scribbled notes to school and pre-school. Phone calls to explain lateness and last-minute arrangements to make sure someone would be there to pick them up if I didn’t make it.

The passport conundrum

Well, it was like this. My husband hasn’t really been able to travel for the past couple of years. We’ve got the dogs too, so it’s a lot of work to arrange for someone to look after them if we go away. We’re skint – as usual – and there wasn’t really much prospect of going anywhere.

But it dawned on me quite suddenly that as I cover more travel on my blog, people will want us to – well, you know – travel and stuff. I inadvertently ended up in talks with someone about a last minute trip, and all hell broke loose. Because the girls don’t have passports.

Libby has one but it’s nearly five years since I took her to Paris and it will run out soon. Lia has never had one, and has convinced herself that if she goes anywhere, she’ll be flying in a Tornado. If only you were right Lia, that would be just the injection of excitement we could do with.

But in the meantime, I realised they needed a passport. And in my usual style, I felt like I needed to get them immediately. So, our plans for Saturday were immediately dropped whilst I ran around trying to get the passports sorted – and failing. But I did finally get them signed by a counter-signatory (I’d forgotten about that bit) and sent off. And we’re ready to go. I don’t think the last-minute break will happen. After all, they would have needed a passport for that. But now, at least we’re prepared.

Supporting small businesses this Christmas

I would love to tell you that I’m ready for Christmas. But of course, that would be a big fat lie. It’s not Christmas Eve yet after all. But the one thing I will be making sure of this year is that I buy my gifts from small businesses where possible. Purchasing from a small business makes such a difference to them. They appreciate every customer and tend to have a corporate conscience and help their local community.

This week, I received a gorgeous gift from a small company called The Little Gift Set Company. This arrived through the post, fitting neatly through the letterbox. The cake and chocolate were fabulous – I checked, just so I could write about it obviously. And it is the perfect gift for somebody who doesn’t live nearby.

Our Thursday photo #184

This week’s photo was another last minute one taken yesterday. Does this conversation happen in all homes?

“I’m taking a photo, try and look normal.”

“Ok mum!”


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  1. Glad you managed to get the passports sorted out even if you don’t manage to get that last minute break. Love this week’s cheeky shot – I can definitely relate to that moment when trying to take a photo and asking the girls to just look normal! x