Thursday photo #203

What an incredibly busy week. But all worthwhile because we have finally bought a camper van. Let the adventures commence.

Introducing William Shakespeare

Back in 2011, my husband and I hired a camper van in New Zealand. We had it for a month and became quite attached to it. So much so that when we came home, we decided to buy one. The only problem was, it was rubbish.

Within 12 months, Libby had come along and we needed an extra seat in the camper van. Unfortunately, it wasn’t worth spending the money on it, so it ended up being scrapped. And ever since, we’ve been waiting for the day we could buy another one.

With one of our cars on its last legs, we realised we were going to need to spend a decent amount of money on a vehicle. We could have bought another car, but it wasn’t what we wanted. So we looked around for a camper van. And looked, and looked, and looked.

And then we found it. A small van with a high top. Not a pop-up top with canvas around it that would get cold in Winter. Not a huge vehicle that would be awkward to drive. Something with enough space for the dogs, and the luggage. Something a bit like this.

And of course, every van has to have a name. And if you read my post from yesterday about Libby’s sausage giraffe, you won’t be surprised to read that she has named our van William Shakespeare.

To Scotland and back in a day

In case you weren’t aware, Scotland is a long way from the West Midlands. But after waiting so long to find the perfect van, we weren’t going to let that stop us. So, I had a long day on Tuesday catching the train to Ayr and driving the van back.

The rest of the week has been based around trying to fit everything in. With the clocks going forward on Saturday night, Spring seemed to arrive with a vengeance on Sunday. My husband and I were determined to make the most of it and walk on the Malverns. We were very glad we did when the rest of the week turned out to be rather less spring like. Despite this, I was up on the hills again on Wednesday, blowing away the cobwebs after a long day travelling on Tuesday. We look forward to seeing some different landscapes now that William Shakespeare has joined our family.

Our Thursday photo #203

To add to the manic week, we went to watch Disney on Ice in Birmingham last night. I’ll be publishing a full review tomorrow but suffice to say it comes highly recommended. We totally missed meeting Mickey Mouse after motorway traffic added an hour to our journey. Nonetheless, that didn’t dampen the spirits of these two and their friend. We’ve got another busy week coming up next week with the inaugural outing of William Shakespeare. I’m sure the girls will take it in their stride as always.

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  1. Hi Nat, I’m jealous! I would love a William Shakespeare! So many great memories are going to be created in William, okay maybe some won’t be so great, but you’ll laugh later. Just think next time you get the chance to meet Mickey you could go the night before and spend the night in the van just so as not to miss him!


  2. I love the look of your new camper van and what a brilliant name for it! How exciting to be able to look forward to some adventures in it. Glad that Libby and Lia enjoyed Disney on Ice even if you did miss out on meeting Mickey Mouse. Hope you have a lovely Easter x