Thursday photo #237

Have you started getting ready for Christmas? Unusually, I’ve started buying a few gifts already. I’m not one for being organised, but I know money is likely to be tight next month. So, it makes sense to buy a few bits and pieces in advance. I’ve ordered the big gifts for both girls, plus a couple of other family members. Now I just need to decide what to get my husband, the man who has everything. Oh, and maybe a gift for the dog who has everything.

Birthday parties

Birthday parties are an occupational hazard for siblings. When Libby started school, the party invites started rolling in. Her class tended to have big parties and invite everyone. Lia’s class are a bit different. There have been a few parties since she started school, but she’s only been invited to two of them. It seems most of her class are just inviting their few best friends, which is brilliant news.

Last year, the girls shared a party. Their birthdays are a month apart, but it works well having it in the middle. The only problem was that we ended up with thirty children. This limited our options in terms of where we could have the party. Thankfully, Libby’s class are also reaching a point where many of them are having smaller parties. So, I’m hoping we’ll manage to have a few best friends for each of them and do something fun.

In the meantime, the fact there are fewer parties means less sibling rivalry. Libby was initially furious that Lia was going to a party without her. But Libby and I ended up spending a nice afternoon together. We collected the pottery they painted last week and went for a short walk on the hills. Libby wanted to take a carrier bag with her and pick up leaves, sticks and stones to take home. Hopefully as time goes by, they’ll both get used to going places separately. I personally quite enjoy the one-on-one time with each of them.

Talking about the weather

It’s a very British thing talking about the weather isn’t it? I don’t mind admitting that the cold weather usually gets me down. But this year, I’m looking at it slightly differently. I started swimming in the river last May and never would have thought that by November, I’d still be doing it. In fact, I’m up to twice a week most weeks. I’m even going to try to fit in a sea swim this weekend while we’re away.

I’ve also never really been bothered about meeting new people and making friends. But I’ve really enjoyed connecting with likeminded folk who are willing to chuck themselves into a freezing cold river in November.

And talking about the weather has taken a different form. Now, every drop in temperature means an exciting new challenge. Swimming at sunrise, or on a glorious morning. In a new spot or an old favourite. We may only stay in for 15 to 20 minutes, but the rush afterwards makes it all worthwhile.

Thursday photo #237

This week, the school photographer came back in to take photos of children who had missed it last time. Libby missed the last photo, so she had hers taken. They also take photos of siblings together, so Lia was taken out of class to have her photo taken with Libby. I do hope the photographer did a better job of getting them to smile nicely than I did at the weekend.

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  1. Love this week’s cheesy grins. Trying to get children to smile nicely for the camera can be a challenge! Saying something funny to Sophie works well with trying to get a more natural smile. She has her school photo today. I’m very impressed that you are still swimming in the river in late November! I loved the one-to-one time with one child being at a party. Much prefer smaller parties too.

    1. Yes, making them laugh is always a good call for a nice photo! I hope Sophie’s school photo goes well. I’m with you on the smaller parties too, they’re so much nicer!

  2. Such a cute photo of them! Hope the school photo turns out well. I am in awe of your river swimming. You almost make me want to give it a try. Almost. I don’t even like swimming in swimming pools because it’s too cold!

  3. My girls birthdays are only 10 days apart and before Alice started school they had joint parties. Then I just did a party for Alice and Holly just had a family bbq which she was happy with. Next year I will have to do Holly a party and I’m not looking forward to he craziness of it!