Thursday photo #278

Just like that, the summer holidays are over. The children are back to school, the leaves on my favourite wall are turning red and there’s a distinct chill in the air. We’ve had a brilliant summer, making the most of every moment the girls were off school. Perhaps that’s why we’re all so ready for them to go back. Craving routine, time apart and a rest from all the chaos.

New glasses

For several years, Libby has been desperate for a certain style of glasses. Most of her friends wear the larger, chunkier frames that are fashionable at the moment. She loves having glasses but has always felt a bit left out that hers were different.

The problem was, her face was so tiny that the bigger glasses swamped her. Not only did they look ridiculous sticking out at the sides of her tiny little cheeks, they also restricted her vision because her nose wasn’t wide enough.

Much to Libby’s delight though, when her last pair of glasses broke, we realised that the opticians now had smaller glasses in the style she loved. Chunky frames that were narrow enough on her nose. They stayed on, she could see well and she loved them. We ordered her a pair and they arrived last week. She couldn’t be happier.

Old friends

Last week, I managed to catch up with some old friends I hadn’t seen for far too long. We all lived together at university and now, by some strange twist of fate, we all have children in the same school year. It was no surprise that when they met, the children all got along like a house on fire. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Catching up with old friends, whilst the children made new friends who were just their sort of people.

It’s lovely how children can start off the day as strangers and end it as close friends. Now I just need to make sure that I’m better at arranging to catch up regularly. Thankfully, there will be plenty of reminders from two little girls who can think of nothing more important than arranging a time to play with their new friends.

Thursday photo #278

I love this photo of Libby proudly showing off her new glasses. And her cheeky little sister insisting on getting in on the act.

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  1. The new glasses are lovely. I remember how excited my daughter was when she first got a similar style of glasses when she was 8. She felt very cool. What a fantastic coincidence that your friends have kids of the same age! None of my old friends have kids the same age as mine – they are all younger than my daughter!

    1. Thank you. Funny how your daughter was excited about the same style of glasses! It’s so lovely that we’ve all got children of the same age and that they all get along so well together too. We’re very lucky.