Thursday photo #210

We’re still very much in birthday mode here. Lia’s birthday was last Thursday and in her own inimitable way, she didn’t want much. We bought her a bike last September when we felt she was ready for one, and she had a scooter last year. So, her birthday consisted of lots of little things wrapped up and put into a big box, and an impromptu day out with friends.

Little girl with unicorn horn hairband on standing in a field of oilseed rape

The birthday party

The girls’ birthdays are relatively close together and I am relatively lazy. So, I managed to persuade them that it was a good idea if they had a joint party. They went for it, and I took it as a victory. But realistically, it was harder than it sounded.

After much searching, I finally found somewhere that would accept such a large number of children. We whittled it right down to just Libby’s class and ten of Lia’s friends, and sent out the invites. True to form, not everybody has replied but it looks like a reasonable number will be coming. So, we’ll be spending the weekend getting party food ready and baking a cake. Oh, and crossing our fingers that it doesn’t rain – it’s a Forest School party outside.

Kielder Forest Northumberland UK | Kielder is the most remote village in England. From here, you have easy access to Kielder forest and Kielder Water manmade lake. The forest is the perfect place for mountain biking even with young children. The area is dog friendly and a great place to see wildlife and get back in touch with nature. But look out for the rain and the midges!

Against the odds

For the past few months, Libby has been wearing patches on one eye for a few hours a day. It was supposed to improve the sight in her left eye, which was quite weak in comparison to her right eye. This morning, after traffic related chaos and disaster, we finally saw someone at the eye hospital to find out if they were working.

Remarkably and in her own inimitable way, Libby has astounded them. Not only has the sight in her left eye improved, but the sight in her right eye has too. She’s going to keep going with the patches for a little while to see if they can even out her vision. Then we’ll be back to discuss again whether she needs further surgery for her squint. We’re all hopeful that she won’t, but don’t want to run the risk of her not being happy with the way she looks when she’s older if it remains noticeable.

Girl reading Disney Animal World book

Four weeks of weight loss

For the past month, I’ve been working with XLS to review their meal replacement shakes. I’ve been having two shakes a day, except when I’ve been doing an enormous amount of exercise, when I dropped to one a day on the advice of the dietician.

At the end of the four weeks, I’ve moved into the ‘maintenance’ mode for the next month, where I’ll be having one to two shakes per day. So far, I’ve lost a total of 9lbs. This seems like quite a good amount for four weeks, and I’m hopeful that the weight loss might continue.

The way the shakes work is that they are 250 calories each and act as a meal. I’ve been much more aware of the calories in things and I’m hoping to stick to the 250 calories per meal for two meals a day as time goes on. I’ve only lost 1lb a week for the past fortnight, which seems like a reasonable rate to maintain for another month. Especially in weather like this, when I’m inspired to get out for a run most days.

Our Thursday photo #210

I hadn’t taken any photos of the girls together all week, but I had the perfect opportunity yesterday. The girls had a pyjama week at their ballet school. This was them about to go into their ballet classes.

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  1. How cool to go to ballet in your pyjamas! That’s brilliant that Libby’s eye sight has improved so much. Wondering how they will deal with ‘imperfections’ in their looks as teenagers and young adults can be a worry. My daughter has a large birthmark on her face and I used to think she would need a fringe to cover it, but so far, so good – she’s not bothered about it!
    I hope the party goes well. x

  2. Hi Nat, I love that top photo of Lia Queen Unicorn of the flowers. A double party does sound like hard work, but at least it’s all on one day, so it makes sense. I hope they had a brilliant time and the weather stayed clear… The bottom photo is brilliant, they look so naughty and full of attitude. Lia’s face is so ‘talk to the hand’… Fantastic news about Libby’s eyes, fingers crossed they even out and surgery isn’t needed for her squint. I did wonder if children ever wore patches on their glasses anymore, there was one in every class when I was at school.


  3. Ha ha love that photograph of the girls – so full of personality! Sounds like youve got your work cut out with the joint party. I love that you admit to being lazy, I think it’s just being efficient! Great news about the eyes too. Have a lovely BH weekend. xxx