Our Thursday Photo #41

This week has been mainly about Libby, just the way she likes it. We’ve been to the eye hospital with her twice and they have realised that her sight isn’t too good and given her a prescription for some glasses. 

We’re off to choose the glasses on Saturday and I’m hoping it will make a huge difference to her. I had no idea she had sight problems and the pictures she couldn’t see in the initial tests were still really quite large and it surprised me a little bit. 

It sounds like her sight could get better or worse as she gets older and the problems she is having may or may not be related to the surgery she had. It seems it was a good job we were having regular check-ups at the hospital, or we might not have known for several years. 

Lia has come on well this week too. She has a couple of teeth now and is starting to take a few steps pushing along her baby walker. She is also sleeping well and getting herself off to sleep without being fed, which is making my life a lot easier. 

I’m still horribly busy, but I’ve taken a lot less work for next week so I can spend a bit more time with the girls and, quite frankly, have a rest. 

My exercise has ground to a halt recently, and I really do want to get back into it, so next week I intend to make a real effort both with exercise and with getting back into a reasonable sleeping pattern. I can’t wait. 

The girls seem to get along better every day now, and strangely, Lia seems to have quite a strong reaction to Libby’s emotions.

Yesterday, Libby ran into a wall for the third time this week (remind me again why I hadn’t realised that she couldn’t see). Libby cried, as you would. But interestingly, Lia cried as well.

I’ve noticed this happening more and more recently. I’m not sure whether it’s because they are becoming closer or just because Lia is panicking that something terrible is happening. 

Either way, they are still happy to be together. This is another pre-nap photo, it seems to be when they’re the most cuddly with each other. Can you guess from our Thursday Photo #41 which one of my girls has a serious side? 

2015-02-13 14.11.29

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