Thursday photo #216

What a week. I’d just got into a little bubble of cruising through life, working when I felt like it. But freelancing just doesn’t work like that. So this week, I’ve unexpectedly had quite a lot of work from three clients. Plus the usual bits and pieces going on with blogging and social media. And all of a sudden, the peace was shattered. I managed to protect my Monday morning swim though – but who wouldn’t when it means swimming in here in glorious sunshine?

Late nights

We had a lovely weekend with a party on Saturday night to celebrate my friend’s wedding. Because the girls had swimming the following morning, we decided to come home rather than stay over. It ended up being a really late night for them but totally worthwhile. The party was fabulous and the girls enjoyed playing with other children and dancing to the band.

Sunday should have been a little quieter, but things never quite go to plan. The girls were up early as usual despite not having been in bed until late. They both did incredibly well in their swimming lessons with Lia starting to swim a bit further and Libby suddenly mastering bilateral breathing.

Then in the evening, my husband and I had a dilemma. Sundays were always my evening to play water polo, but recently he has been going out cycling with his friends. This was fine with me because not much was going on with polo training, but this week was different. I wanted to train and as predicted, he didn’t want to give Sunday evenings back.

So as a compromise, the girls came and watched me train. I’m not sure if this will be a long term solution because it ended up being another quite late night for them. Which wouldn’t be so bad if Saturday wasn’t a late one as well. I’ll be seeing how the arrangement goes for a while and if it’s not working then my husband and I will have to sort it out another way. Probably a fight to the death.

Starting school

The highlight of the girls’ week was Lia’s taster day at school. She tends to have a very matter-of-fact way about her and didn’t come back raving about how wonderful school was, but took everything in her stride. She has no concept of how long it is until September and I’m fairly certain that from now on, she’ll be asking me every day whether she’s allowed to start school yet.

Thursday photo #116

In a week where there have been lots of opportunities to take lovely photos of the girls, I’ve taken absolutely none. So instead, here’s one I grabbed yesterday afternoon after ballet. It was watching week this week. Can you guess who took her lesson incredibly seriously and who spent the whole half an hour pulling a variety of funny faces?

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  1. That swimming spot looks idyllic – especially in the summer sunshine. Sounds like you had a fun weekend and fingers crossed that bringing the girls to water polo works out – and if not, that you manage to sort out something that works for both you and your husband. Love the photo of the girls in their ballet outfits and the one in your header. Sophie has her taster day at school next week. It sounds like Lia enjoyed hers x

  2. Hi Nat, hang onto those Monday swims at all costs. swimming in that environment has to be nothing but beneficial. Even sitting on the bank in that environment has to be nothing but beneficial! ..Taking the girls to water polo may not be such a bad thing (for them) you never know in not so many years they may want to be playing with (or against you!)… I love that photo of the girls. Lia looks such a character! Dressed all girly and pulling a gangsta pose with libby doing her best to look like a little ballerina… I think Lia is going to love school in September.


    1. Thank you, I do look forward to playing polo with the girls in the future, I hope that they’ll soon be a lot better than me as they’ll start a lot younger than I did.