Thursday photo #241

After four ballet shows, swimming lessons and watching the incredible Malvern Theatres pantomime, we’re finally winding down ready for Christmas. It feels like we’re the only ones who didn’t put the tree up until this week. But it’s up now, presents are bought (if not wrapped) and our food shop is being delivered tomorrow. What have I forgotten? 

Performing on stage

As a child, I never did much in the way of theatre or performing arts. I had ballet lessons, took part in primary school plays and did the odd ballet show but that was about it. So the way the girls have thrown themselves into it has come as a bit of a surprise. 

Libby has been having singing lessons since September, alongside her stage performance and ballet. She also plays the piano and is surprisingly capable of singing along with the music she plays. Every time we go to the theatre, Libby comes away even more determined that this is what she wants to do. I hope her enthusiasm will continue as she gets older, it would be wonderful to see her working in a job she loves.

Christmas traditions

As the girls get older, we’re starting to develop our own Christmas traditions as a family. I never thought we’d do Christmas eve boxes, because they have so much on Christmas day. But last year, we got some gorgeous wooden boxes and decided to just put some new pyjamas and some hot chocolate in there. They had them the day before Christmas eve so they could wear their new pjs on the Polar Express.

We’ll be going on the Polar Express on the 23rd again this year, so they’ll have their Christmas eve box on that morning. My mum always comes over for Christmas day and we’ll have lunch then settle down to watch a film and relax. We won’t do much on Christmas eve or Christmas day, and I think we’re all looking forward to the rest. Maybe having a break from being busy is the best Christmas tradition for us. 

Little girl in a dressing gown wearing the polar express conductor's hat

Thursday photo #141

I haven’t taken many photos of the girls this week and fully intended to take one of them after putting up the Christmas tree yesterday. In my usual disorganised fashion, I completely forgot and ended up grabbing one just before bed. 

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