Thursday photo #297

It’s amazing how quickly the school holidays become a distant memory. The girls only went back last Tuesday but we’re already firmly entrenched in our routine. This week has been a real treat for me with plenty of outdoor swimming. With the river still flooded, I’ve been getting in for a swim when and where I could. So on Saturday when my husband took the girls to visit his aunt in Bristol, I took the opportunity for a swim.

Clevedon Marine Lake

I first noticed Clevedon Marine Lake over the summer. We’d gone out for lunch in Clevedon and I saw the lake while we were walking along the front. I was gutted that I didn’t have a swimming costume in the car. With our river flooded, I kept considering going to Clevedon but didn’t get around to it. Dogs aren’t allowed there so it was easier to go to Keeper’s Pond so I could bring Bubbles.

This weekend though, I saw my opportunity to get into the marine lake. My husband dropped me off there just before lunchtime and I got in for a swim. Then I spent a couple of hours in the Salthouse pub which is just above the lake. I got some work done and had a lovely vegan burger for lunch. By the time my husband phoned to say he’d be another hour, I was warmed up enough to manage another dip. It was such a perfect day.

Purely by chance, my friend asked if I wanted to go to Clevedon on Monday as well. I couldn’t really, I had too much on. But then I realised I’d regret saying no. It would make my already busy week busier, but it would be absolutely worth it. So, I made time to get some work done on Sunday and went back to Clevedon for another swim on Monday. We were in for about 20 minutes before warming up with a pub lunch again.

Back to marathon training

When I did last year’s London Marathon, I thought it would probably be my last for a good while. Training is tough to fit in and repetitive. The marathon weekend itself is all-consuming because you have to be there to register the day before. There was every reason not to do it again. So, I entered the ballot. After a conversation on Twitter, I then decided I’d push my friend Martyn around the marathon. This wasn’t allowed in London, so we settled on Brighton.

Since then, I’ve upped my running slightly to get back into it. This time, I’m running every day. Most days I don’t go far, between two and four miles. I’ve stopped walking the dog and I run instead, so I run twice most days, usually totalling around five miles a day. I’m doing one long run a week, gradually increasing the distances. Yesterday’s long run was seven miles and it felt relatively easy. I’m hoping that running every day will make it into a habit rather than a chore.

Thursday photo #297

I’ve got a lovely brand collaboration coming up on Instagram and the girls and I went up the hills after school yesterday to take some photos. It was lovely getting up there for some fresh air with them on a day when we wouldn’t otherwise have made the time.

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  1. Gorgeous photo of your girls! That’s amazing that you’re going to push Martyn around the Brighton marathon. Good luck with the training x

  2. That photo of your girls is so beautiful. I love their matching coats. Glad that you are enjoying the outdoor swimming and running – good luck with all your marathon training x