Our Thursday Photo #31

Well what do you know. Hubby thinks that my last post wasn’t entirely factual (it was). He seems to take offence at me producing something mildly amusing at the expense of cold hard facts (knob). So to satisfy hubby, here is an accurate account of our week since my last Thursday Photo post. 

Friday: Nursery, eat, sleep, eat, sleep. 

Saturday: Soft play, eat, sleep, eat, sleep.

Sunday: Swimming (just me), swimming (everyone), eat, sleep eat, sleep. 

Monday: Singing group, eat, sleep. Drama group, eat, sleep. Run (just me). 

Tuesday: Drop Libby at her nan’s. Eat, sleep, eat, sleep. 

Wednesday: Ballet, eat, sleep, eat, sleep.

Thursday: Playgroup, eat, sleep, blog. 

In the interests of factual accuracy (and we all know how important that is) I don’t actually sleep myself on all of the above listed occasions, I am usually working for some if not all allocated sleeping times. It is also worthy of note that the dog gets walked every day and that at some point during the week, the cat chased a helium balloon with hilarious consequences that could have ended in disaster. Other than that though, this week has been the same as any other and here is our Thursday Photo #31, a snap of the girls growing up in our mundane little existence in our mundane little world, entirely devoid of humour. Up yours husband. 

2014-12-11 09.12.15



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