Our Thursday Photo #63

Strangely, the summer holidays have almost as much impact on pre-school age children as on those who are at school.

My girls have their little routine that involves going to clubs each morning and none of the clubs happen in the holidays.

This has meant that I’ve been looking for other things to do, and they were surprisingly easy to find.

I’m not one for staying in the house all day with the girls. It’s as much for my sanity as theirs, there’s nothing worse than bored children.

As a result, this week has been full of fun mornings out.

It all started on Saturday, which was a bit of an odd day really. We spent the morning at Drayton Manor, having been invited to their Ambassador’s day.

I will be writing more about that over the next few days, but suffice to say it was an amazing day as usual.

After that, we headed home and got ready to go to a fabulous wedding reception. It was a beautiful day, there was a folk band playing and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Libby loved the music and took part in the Ceilidh dancing. But in direct contravention of all the rules of three year old behaviour, she absolutely wouldn’t dance with me or her dad.

Instead, she danced with random people, joining in as well as her obvious height disadvantage would allow.

We were very grateful to them for allowing her to get involved.

Lia on the other hand, loved the outdoor area. We spent a considerable amount of time sitting on the nicely mown grass enjoying the evening sunshine.

In fact, Lia enjoyed it so much that she decided this was the ideal time to start walking unaided.

She spent most of the evening strolling around from one person to another and generally having a little potter around on the grass.

We then took her home, got her out of the car and it seems her walking days are now over. She has refused to do it since.

Libby has been asking when the bride is going to have another wedding so that Lia can walk again.

Since then, we’ve been swimming, to two National Trust properties and picked raspberries and played in the park at our favourite local farm shop.

Tomorrow and Sunday, we’ll be off to two different little festivals that are on locally.

This week has made me realise that I could be doing a lot more with the girls instead of sticking to their routine every day, even when it’s not school holidays.

After all, this is the last year I will have with Libby before she goes to school so I intend to make the most of it.

Our Thursday photo #63 was taken today at the farm shop park. I love the way Libby looks after her sister, they’re such good friends.


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