Thursday Photo #131

Thursday Photo #131

The past week has gone so quickly I literally have no idea what happened to it. We decided to take things easy at the weekend to let Libby catch up on some sleep. Thankfully she seems to be back to her usual self and the rest of the week has gone well.

What The Girls Have Been Up To

Libby went to a birthday party on Saturday, so Lia and I had a morning out at Cob House country park. I was really interested to hear all about the reindeer from one of their keepers. It was a lovely touch as Christmas approaches, especially as the staff were there to explain to the children that the reindeer are called Dancer and Prancer and they’ll be delivering gifts at Christmas. We always enjoy a visit to Cob House, it’s a beautiful place and I can highly recommend the cakes!Thursday Photo #131Libby’s swimming lessons are going well, she has moved onto Level 3 now and the teacher is someone I’ve known for a long time. Libby struggles a bit more in this group as she’s a lot younger than the others and can’t touch the floor. However, her teacher is just perfect, he’s so engaging and the children love him and I can see Libby’s swimming improving with every lesson.

Libby’s big news this week is that she will be playing Mary in the school nativity. She seems to think she’s got words to say as she has to have a chat with some angels. It seems a lot of responsibility for a four year old but she’s delighted and I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

My Week

In an unexpected break with tradition, I left the house this week. In fact, I managed to make it all the way to London for the World Travel Market conference, WTM. I arrived on Tuesday afternoon and spent the afternoon getting to grips with where everything was and catching up with a couple of people I wanted to chat to.

The whole event was quite overwhelming, but I was really glad I spent the extra few hours there so I could throw myself into meetings on Wednesday. I spent Tuesday night having dinner and drinks with my sister and some fabulous bloggers Martyn and Natalie. It was a brilliant evening and great to finally meet them both. It was also lovely to see my sister and made me realise I should get to London to visit her more often.

Wednesday was a much quieter day at WTM. It was particularly quiet in the American area after the election result. Honestly it felt like walking into a funeral, the atmosphere was so glum. And the crowds partying at the Trump Hotels stand were overwhelming as you can see.Thursday Photo #131Luckily I had a great day. I walked around with the lovely Rosie and Carrie who made the day much more fun. I also had some brilliant meetings and came away feeling that it had been a productive, worthwhile and enjoyable couple of days.

Our Thursday Photo #131

Our Thursday Photo #131 was taken at the weekend and it doesn’t even show their faces! We have been sent some amazing toys to review from SmartMax and I just love the fact that the girls have played with them almost constantly. They would much rather play with these than watch the television, which is just brilliant!SmartMax Construction Toys - Review

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