Our Thursday photo #64

I can’t believe another week has passed already and Thursday has come round again.

Mercifully, tomorrow marks the end of my month of working all hours god sends to try to earn a bit of extra money.

It has gone quite well and I will be able to start looking at my business again as of next week.

Having a month that has been even more difficult has led me to form some small aims for some time to myself.

From next week, I intend to make time to do an hour’s exercise at least twice a week. I also aim to do a little more every day, my short run in the mornings is never enough.

In addition to that, I am aiming for sleep. I’m not being greedy, a full eight hours won’t be necessary. But if I can get to bed by midnight most nights, I’ll be happy.

I feel that the fact that I’m so tired affects Libby in particular because three year olds are just such hard work when you’re not on top of your game.

I have to admit, I do get grumpy with her.

Today was a classic example.

Libby has taken to lying. In fact, she’s becoming a bit of a pro at it.

Her favourite trick is hiding a favourite toy and making everyone in the house run round looking for it until she mysteriously reveals where it is.

It’s usually a stalling tactic when she doesn’t want to go to bed, but today it was a little more calculated.

The girls were playing with a toy mobile phone which they both love. There were a few fights, tears and tantrums and then Libby played her trump card.

She had won the latest battle for the toy phone and was merrily playing in the corner, thinking that I wasn’t watching because I was getting Lia dressed.

I saw her bend down, pop the phone under her rocking donkey and carry on playing.

Sure enough, a few minutes later she had her fake melt-down that she couldn’t find the phone.

Knowing full well that she knew exactly where it was, I didn’t fall for it and got really annoyed with her.

The lying bothers me, but it’s the motive that bothered me more on this occasion.

Every time Libby wasn’t playing with the phone, I was letting Lia have a go. So Libby knew that if she hid it, Lia wouldn’t get it.

I felt bad for getting angry with her for this, but I really want her to learn that she has to share her toys, and that it’s not acceptable to lie to get your own way.

We are going to think of a few different ways to teach her about lies, starting with a revisit to the boy who cried wolf.

For our Thursday photo #64, I’m not sharing the best quality photo from the week by any stretch of the imagination.

I got a bit too excited about Mel’s photos yesterday and shared the ones of the girls together.

So to avoid repetition, I’m using this one from our day out at Sudeley Castle on Sunday.

They have a fabulous dressing up box of historical costume. I think you’ll agree, these two look pretty good in it.

2015-07-25 13.13.05-3


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