Our Thursday Photo #73

I suppose there is always something good to come out of every bad thing.

If you read my post yesterday about hearing bad news on twitter, you’ll know that this week has been a pretty bad one here as weeks go.

So, what are the positives?

Well, before it all started to go downhill we had a pretty good weekend. Libby did well in her swimming lesson and both girls watched their first rugby match. Libby couldn’t decide whether to cheer for Warriors (as instructed by us and everyone else around her) or Wasps.

So she shouted for them both, with the odd cheer for the bumble bees thrown in for good measure.

Regardless of her allegiance, she certainly enjoyed shouting. Even Lia got in on the act with the odd hooray here and there.

The girls then enjoyed a day out with their dad on Sunday, visiting various model railways while I worked. Not my idea of fun, but they both enjoy riding on trains and who am I to stop them?

Libby went to her first contemporary dance class on Tuesday, which she loved. She was the youngest there by a good few years and many of the girls were much older but she held her own well and is allowed to go back again next week.

From there on in, things started to do downhill and the less said about that the better.

But despite it all, we are still battling on. As you can see from our Thursday photo #73 the girls are still smiling.

I have been just about managing to cope with everything that needs doing around the house, keep up my work commitments and fit in hospital visits every day.

I have always felt that I had too much on my plate, what with work, the girls and life in general. But I guess this just shows that we just cope with whatever is thrown at us.

Our little corner of the world won’t be quite the same for a while, but we’re all still here. That’s really something to be grateful for this week.

I’m hoping that we’ve finished our run of bad luck for now, we must be in line for a lottery win soon, it’s our turn for some good news.


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