Our Thursday Photo #68

This week, I’ve made a huge decision in regard to work.

For the past year I’ve been doing transcribing work to supplement my earnings as a freelance writer. I enjoy it because it’s always nice to do something different but it’s really time consuming. I’ve always said that as soon as I was able to, I’d stop doing that and just write. After all, it’s what I enjoy.

This week, I’ve finally reached that point and decided that from now on, I’m just a writer. I’ve started up my palm oil free website to make it easier for people to reduce their palm oil consumption. At the moment I’m not running that as a business but I hope to do so in the future.

I’ve built up enough clients as a freelancer to know that I’ll earn enough for us to get by each month.  I’m also looking towards putting together a children’s book which I’m really excited about. And I couldn’t totally walk away from the transcribing, I’ve said they can turn to me if they’re stuck.

But above all, I’ve managed to set aside the time to catch up on some sleep and not be constantly worrying about what time I’ll manage to finish work.

I’m already finding things a little bit easier now I’m not constantly exhausted and I hope that things are finally on the up.

We’ll be off on holiday next week too so I’m really looking forward to the break. It’s perfect timing and hopefully by the time I get back, I will be ready to start afresh with work.

The girls have both had a good week. Lia’s temper isn’t getting any better and as she edges towards the terrible twos I’m starting to wonder what on earth I’m going to do with her if it gets worse. That said, the two of them get along well and Libby is actually very good at placating Lia when she’s angry.

The better Lia’s walking gets, the more it seems they can do together. I’m really looking forward to our holiday when they will be able to run around and play. I think it will make all the difference.

Today, hubby is working late so I’ll be on my own with them until bedtime. A week ago, this would have been a nightmare, meaning I would be up until the early hours of the morning working. Luckily now it’s a bit different and I’ll have plenty of time to fit everything in.

Our Thursday Photo #68 isn’t fabulous quality, beautiful lighting or professional. Despite this, it is one of my favourite photos I’ve seen of the girls for a long time. Libby is terrible at fake smiles so it’s great when I manage to capture a really genuine grin like this one!

2015-08-25 19.29.40



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