Thursday photo #230

Things are finally falling into place. When the girls went back to school, I was so sure it was going to be easier with both of them at school. The reality was a little different. But after several weeks of playing catchup, I finally feel like I’ve got to where I need to be.


It was always the plan that when Lia started school, I’d exercise each morning before starting work. Not for long, but an hour of running, swimming or cycling. Instead, I fell into a routine of thinking I had too much to do. So, I’d go home most mornings and work all day. It needed to be done, but I also needed to snap out of it.

Finally, I’ve got to a point where work is what it needs to be. It’s enough to keep me going, but not too much. It’s work, but not my whole life. It’s not all-consuming. So, I’ve found time to do something for me. I signed up to the Aspire channel swim last month, but didn’t find time to properly get started. On Tuesday though, I swam 5km in the pool. I’ve been running several times and I’ve been walking.

And as for work, I’ve become more productive. Spending less time on it doesn’t mean getting less done, in fact quite the opposite. I’m doing what I need and I feel better. Finally, it’s all coming together.

An exciting weekend

As the weeks pass with both girls at school, I increasingly look forward to our weekends. There’s always something fun going on, whether we’re away or doing things closer to home. This one was no exception. On Saturday, we reverted to our default position and headed to Croome. Then it was off to Birmingham for a lovely wedding reception for a friend.

For Lia, Sunday was the most exciting day as she was invited to a birthday party. After waiting years for it to be her turn, she has finally started to get invited to parties without Libby. It was an ‘under the sea’ party, so of course she ignored her sister’s protests and dressed as a sparkly mermaid.

Thursday photo #230

When Lia put on her mermaid outfit on Sunday, Libby decided she wanted to get changed too. She initially said she wanted to dress like Lia, but soon got distracted by her dungarees. I love the fact she doesn’t have to wear girly clothes to feel confident about what she’s wearing.

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  1. I’m glad everything is falling into place for you now. It does take a while to adjust to a new routine. I start every single day with a run or walk, however busy I am. It really sets me up for the day.
    How lovely that Lia is getting invited to parties now.