Our Thursday Photo #75

I’m a great believer in children having as much to teach us as parents as we teach them. This week has been no exception.

I’ve learnt that children are masters of resilience. Grand masters actually. They’re the real deal, it doesn’t get any better.

I don’t know why the past week has been so difficult for me. I’m not the one who is injured in hospital. I’m also not the one who too young to understand why her dad is suddenly no longer at home. And I’m not the one who is old enough to understand what’s going on in basic terms but not quite old enough to understand why.

And yet, I’m the one who can’t cope.

I’m the one who isn’t doing as much work as I should be. I’m the one who hasn’t blogged for a week.

I’m the one so worried about money that I haven’t called the plumber to come and fix the heating. Failing in my basic duty as a mother to keep the children warm.

I’m the one that has been trudging through the week. Keeping my head down and avoiding eye contact, hoping nobody speaks to me. Sticking to one word answers and the odd random sentence that doesn’t make sense. I know everyone thinks I’m just ignorant and rude. I probably am.

My husband has spent the week waiting to come home. Waiting more patiently than I ever realised he was capable of. Sitting quietly reading, listening to the radio and waiting.

Libby has been carrying on as usual. She’s managing all her usual activities and enjoying the extra things that have been thrown in like dinner with granddad and trips to the hospital.

Lia has been happily going with the flow. Taking part in the things she can join in with and happily playing while she waits for Libby to do the classes that she can’t.

Both girls are exhausted but they still take on everything life throws at them with gusto. Jumping in head first, making the most of the moment and enjoying it.

This week, I could learn a lot from them all.

I thought, by my mid 30’s I’d become quite proficient at life. And at least relatively proficient at covering up the bits I’m awful at such as socialising and interacting with people like a normal human being.

I was clearly wrong, I’m rubbish at it.

This morning, the girls woke up in a great mood as usual. They were entirely nonplussed by the fact their dad still isn’t back and the house is so cold the dogs were wearing coats.

So to prove to social services that they’re happy and healthy despite my obvious failings as a human being and a mother, here is our Thursday photo #75.





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