Thursday photo #97

Thursday photo #97

Our week this week has been consumed by one thing: Chickenpox.

Lia came down with it a couple of days ago and we had a night of hell where we both got about half an hour’s sleep in total. Luckily, the following day I managed to find some rhus tox tablets.

Say what you like about homeopathic medicines, these things are amazing. I remember having chickenpox as a child and I took these and hardly itched at all. And sure enough as soon as we managed to get them for Lia, the itching stopped.

I’d initially tried to find them in Boots, but they no longer sell them so she went without for the first day. After a sleepless night I was desperate and went searching for them and found them in a small, local pharmacy.

If you are looking for a chickenpox remedy that works, these things are my tip from the top.

In other news, Libby has made some real progress with her swimming this week. Libby has been able to swim a few strokes since we were on holiday in August / September in the Isle of Wight.

Since then, swimming has been a bit of a difficult affair because I’ve been having to take both girls on my own, so Libby has had to wear her swim fin.

Now that hubby is finally able to swim with us again, Libby has had the one on one attention she needed to take the swim fin off and get swimming properly.

She can now dive off the side in some sort of weird belly-flop like dive and swim to about the half a width point. She can then push off my leg and make it back to the side.

I have been so impressed with her water confidence in doing this. Much of the swimming is done underwater with the odd push to the surface to take a breath. She is more than ready to start swimming lessons now, which she’ll be able to do as soon as she turns four.

I’m off to London tomorrow for a meeting. It will be the first time since having Lia that I’ve dressed up and gone to a work meeting. Much as I love working from home, I’m really looking forward to it.

Despite being poorly, Lia has insisted on getting outside and making the most of the sunshine this week, so we’ve dug out the bike and scooter and they’ve been whizzing around the decking. I’ve actually really enjoyed having some mornings at home, just spending time with them, not doing much.

Thursday Photo #97

Thursday Photo #97

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