Thursday photo #98: Mum of two has been photographing her children together every week since the youngest was born. Thursday photo #98.

Thursday Photo #98

You may have noticed that my blog has had quite a big makeover this week. It has been several months coming, I wasn’t happy with my header or the overall look of the blog back at the end of last year. Determined to do something about it, I stripped it back to a completely minimalist theme.

And that’s the way it stayed. Things got so chaotic here that the blog makeover went on hold. This week, I’ve finally found the time to redo it. What do you think? I know a lot of people pay somebody to design their blog, but I’m so protective of mine that I want to do it all myself.

This is also the reason why I don’t join in with linkies, memes or tag posts that go around the blogging community. This blog is my own little space on the internet. It’s the place where I record our adventures as a family, it’s a record of my children growing up. I’m not a particularly controlling person, but I do want every element of this blog to be mine, I don’t want to follow the same prompts and themes as everybody else.

For my blog header, I chose an image from some amazing, natural shots taken of the girls by Scott Stockwell Photography. I’m happy to admit that my own photos aren’t quite up to scratch just yet.

That said, during the few months that my blog was languishing as a result of my lack of time to sort out the design, I focussed on my social media. Instagram in particular became an obsession, and I even wrote about my love affair with Instagram.

Whilst this was supposed to be less time consuming than my blog redesign, I got sucked into Instagram a bit and started trying a lot harder with my photos. I’m still unable to carry my big camera around with me at the moment, so they are generally taken on my mobile.

So instead of improving the photographic quality, I’m thinking a bit harder about the subject, noticing the world around me and trying to take more natural photos. I’m also adding a fading frame around each image to make them recognisable as mine In general, it’s going really well. I have over 7500 followers and each of my photos gets well over 300 likes.

So when it comes to taking my Thursday photos of the girls, I’ve obviously got it all under control these days with lovely, natural photos, usually taken outdoors. Both girls smiling, having fun and….

Okay, I’m lying. This is what really happens when I point a camera at my children.

Our Thursday Photo #98


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