A gift for the person who has everything

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There’s always that one person at Christmas isn’t there? For me, it’s my dad. It’s not that he’s ungrateful for the presents we buy him, he’s just honest. No, he doesn’t want anything. He doesn’t need anything. He has everything. So, we guess and buy him something we think he’ll like. He doesn’t. And he’s honest about it. So, we resort to buying him alcohol. Not ideal, but at least he’ll drink it.

Introducing Jord Wood Watches

For once, this Christmas was different. My dad has always loved things made of wood. He is quite skilled at woodworking himself, so he understands the time and effort that goes into making them. He loves to see the cut of the grain and examine things to see what wood they are made from.

What’s more, he has always had a passing interest in clocks and watches. His family originate from the Black Forest in Germany, where they worked as watch makers. So, when asked if I wanted a Jord watch to review, I knew my dad was the perfect recipient. Unsurprisingly, he decided on the Frankie zebrawood and navy. It’s such a beautiful wood and every watch is unique due to the varying patterns of the grain.

I also struggle to know what to buy for his wife. So, this year she had a beautiful luxury watch too. She went for the Cassia walnut and vintage rose. This is such a cool watch I’m tempted to get one myself. It has a lovely large face and the rose colour goes beautifully with the gold on the watch.

If you have someone you struggle to buy for, head over to the Jord giveaway to win a $100 voucher to spend on their website. It ends on 31st December and all entrants will get 25% off and free sizing.

Under the Christmas tree

I don’t know about you, but wrapping gifts doesn’t really appeal to me. I love giving people a beautifully wrapped gift, but actually wrapping it is such a hassle. That’s another thing I love about these watches. Although I did eventually decide to wrap them, they are so well presented that I could have just stuck a bow on top and put them under the Christmas tree. Aren’t the boxes wonderful?

My husband and I have both had wooden watches in the past and we often get comments on how unique they are. In fact, somebody picked up on the fact that I was wearing one in my twitter profile photo just last week and it sparked a conversation.

I’ve never been wonderful at choosing gifts. It seems like too much responsibility. But it’s a great feeling when you get it right. This time, I decided to hand over the burden to my dad and his wife. The selection of watches is so large that I really couldn’t choose for them. Luckily, they enjoyed choosing their own unique watch. Although, it was a somewhat time consuming process because they liked so many of them!

Like clockwork

It is quite unusual these days I think to have a wind-up watch. But to make sure that a Jord keeps time, it’s important to follow the winding instructions. Writing this has reminded me to go and make sure my dad has figured out how to use his. It makes a refreshing change to hear the tick tock when you wind the watch up, rather than having to go and get the battery changed every time it stops.

[AD] Contains gifted products

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