18 things for 2018

Blogging has taken a bit of a back seat over Christmas. The girls are off school for the best part of a month and I’ve had loads of work to do. So, I thought I’d mark the start of the New Year with a post about the 18 things I want from 2018. It’s sometimes helpful to write things down to gain a bit of perspective. Hopefully I’ll look back at this in the Summer and feel like I’m getting on okay.

1. Rest

Every Christmas, I work up to the wire. I generally manage to enjoy Christmas day with the family but before long, I get ill. This year was no exception. I know full well that if I made more time to rest during the year, I wouldn’t end up wasting my time in bed when I finally get a break. So this year will be different, I’ll learn from the best. Hopefully.

2. Read

Towards the end of last year, I started listening to audiobooks when I walk the dogs. This has given me the opportunity to get through more books, but I still want to make time to read a book. It should go along with resting. It’s time for me, which I’m increasingly realising is important.

3. Finish work earlier

Virtually every night, I end up working until close to midnight. Sometimes I need to, but on other days it’s unnecessary. I know I’d be more productive if I stopped by 10pm and took some time to relax before getting to bed at a reasonable time.

4. Train for a triathlon

I’ve entered a triathlon for July. It’s going to be great fun because some friends and family have entered too. And this time, I intend to find the time to train properly. It’s not a massive distance so I should be able to do it in a reasonable time as long as I’m ready for it. Swimming and running will be fine, but I need to get out on my bike regularly, which is something I’ve failed to do enough since having children.

5. Don’t waste time on time wasters

This one is self-explanatory. Both in work and my personal life, I need to be more firm about saying no to people who are wasting my time. Managing to rest, read, finish work earlier and train will be much easier if I learn to say no more.

6. Plan

Sometimes, important things don’t get done because I’m too busy procrastinating or doing things that don’t matter. I have a rough weekly plan for this year and intend to adapt it to what I have to do each week.

7. Have fun

I’m lucky to be in a job that allows me to do things I enjoy. This year, I intend to do more of the fun things and less of the boring stuff. I might not be as successful, but I’ll be happier and that’s what matters.

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8. Eat better

I don’t want to diet and I’m not overly bothered about losing weight. But I do want to eat better in order to feel better.

9. Separate work and personal life

Whilst I need to access social media and emails on my phone, I need to try harder to put the phone and the laptop away while I’m with the children where possible. I regularly get a reasonable amount of work done at soft play while they’re playing, and I intend to continue with that. But when the children need my attention, I want them to get all of it, without me being distracted by work.

10. Do an indoor skydive

This was my Christmas present from my husband. Children from four years old are allowed to have a go, so I’d like to wait until after Lia’s 4th birthday in May so we can do it together as a family.

11. Go open water swimming

Whilst I’ll be swimming in the river for the triathlon anyway, I don’t want that to be the only open water swimming I do this year. I always love getting in the water and need to make more time for it.

12. Do some home improvements

We’ve ground to a halt with home improvements because there’s some major work that needs doing which will make a mess of the house. So, it would be pointless carrying on working on the house until that’s done. My aim for the year is to be in a position to get that done and carry on with everything else.

13. Have a family holiday where I stop work

I always end up working when we’re on holiday. This was even the case when we were in Kielder Forest with no phone signal. This year, I’d like to have at least a few days where I stop completely, put an out of office on my emails and just relax.

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14. Make more videos

Until last year, I never really enjoyed making videos. These days though, I’m starting to enjoy it. The girls can get involved and they’re a great way to capture the fun times to watch back at a later date. I’m even starting to quite enjoy doing vlog reviews, although I’ll prefer it when I have a tripod to use rather than balancing my camera on top of a chair.

15. Keep better records

I’m dreadful at filling in spreadsheets, so this year I’ve decided to make it something I do every week. This was mainly inspired by spending hours on end doing my tax return last week. I don’t want to go through that again next year.

16. Make the most of the time before Lia goes to school

I can’t believe how quickly it’s come around, but Lia starts school in September. I know that then I’ll have time for all the things I can’t do now. But until then, I’m going to enjoy the extra time with her.

17. Make time for one on one time with both girls

For Libby in particular, there is very little one on one time with either myself or my husband. She can be quite competitive with Lia and I know it’s partly because she doesn’t get enough time to herself. So this year, I intend to make sure that each of them gets some one on one time, even if it’s only a couple of hours a month.

Little girl in black coat with white spots putting her hand into water to touch shark eggs

18. Try to remember at least some of these resolutions

Let’s face it, 18 is a lot isn’t it? But none of them should be too difficult to achieve as long as I keep them in mind. And apparently making a list is helpful.

I was tagged to write this post by Laura from Dear Bear and Beany. I’m tagging Jenny from Monkey and Mouse and Jennie from Edspire to see what their plans are for this year.

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  1. Wow, that is a lot of plans, but they should all be achieveable. I spend a lot less time on my phone than I used to. I remember I used to be on Twitter when my daughter was reading her school reading book to me. Now when I look back, I’m really cross with myself for that! I now read about twice as many books as I used to a couple of years ago, which I find far more fulfilling than social media.
    Good luck! I hope you will be giving us updates on your progress in a few months.

    1. Yes you’re right, it is rather a lot! I do hope I can achieve at least most of them though. I agree with you about reading being more rewarding than social media, definitely my preference!

  2. Great resolutions! I might have to steal some of these myself. Especially separating work and family time more, the kids need my attention a bit more than they actually get! x

  3. Hi Nat, 18 sensible and doable resolutions. I find the easiest way to make sure I read is to read a few pages every night in bed before turning my light out. It’s become so ingrained in me that no matter what time I head to bed I have to read or my brain won’t switch off!… I hate the word diet (as in weight loss), it’s actually a word I do throw a hissy fit over, especially with my Mum. I hate everything it’s associated with and believe it’s a very damaging word. I do believe in trying to eat well though, it does make a big difference to how we feel, I’ve only got to cast my mind back to remember that I enjoyed everything I’ve eaten recently, but have felt sluggish because of it… Training for your triathlon will help keep you eating better, I’m sure.


    1. Thank you, you’re so right about the triathlon training keeping me eating healthier, hopefully it will! I agree with you about the word diet being damaging. Which is sad because as a word it should actually just mean ‘what we eat’.

  4. Do you know, your goals sound very similar to mine! I really want to try and switch off from social media when I’m with the kids. They won’t be around for all that much longer, in the scheme of things. I’ll be able to play on FB as much as I like when they’ve left home…..xx

    1. Ahh that’s so true, although I do hope I have something better to fill my time when they leave home than playing on Facebook, I can’t think of anything worse!

  5. Sounds to me as though you’ve already made a great head start on a number of these. I think they’re all very achievable and good ideas. Planning and being better organised are on my list this year. I’m a planner by nature and have felt very out of sorts, chaotically running through life. I can’t quite get my head round writing my goals for 2018 yet – there are too many!