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A wardrobe revamp with JD Williams

Shopping is a bit like marmite. You either love it or you hate it. Personally, I’d choose a pot of marmite over a shopping trip any day. However, I recently reached the point where the vast majority of my clothes needed binning. Actually if I’m honest, that point was about two years ago. So, when JD Williams got in touch and asked me to feature a few of their items on the blog, I jumped at the chance.

About JD Williams

JD Williams is an online clothing store that really does have something for everyone. I’ve earmarked their children’s offering for Christmas because they literally have everything from clothes to toys to furniture. There was something for my husband too, he was beyond delighted with his Tardis dressing gown. What do you think?

JD Williams women’s clothing

With the beginning of every season, I tend to end up with less and less clothing options. So, I wanted to stock up on clothes to see me through the Winter and hopefully many more seasons to come. Basics like a pair of jeans and a long sleeved tunic top are ideal whatever the weather. The tunics come in a pack of two and both are lovely colours and an ideal shape. I like the length of them, it’s difficult to find tops as long as I would like.

A pack of three short sleeved tops will be ideal as a base layer at this time of year, but they’ll be fine to wear on their own during the warmer months too.

I chose this gorgeous knitwear jumper to wear with jeans over the tops. It’s so comfortable I haven’t taken it off since it arrived and the colour is fabulous.

Next stop for me was the dress department. I occasionally go to formal events and rarely have a dress I’m happy with to wear. These two will be ideal. I’d probably be more inclined to wear the shorter one in the Summer, but it would also be fine with tights for a chilly day. The longer dress is a really pretty fabric and I’d wear it in both daytime and evening.

Last stop was updating my underwear, socks and a nice pair of casual trainers. The socks came as a pack of five, each with different patterns on the sole. The shoes are really comfortable for everyday wear, but much smarter than my usual fallback of running trainers or walking boots.

Clothes buying and the environment

All the items I ordered from JD Williams arrived in one package. There was no excess packaging, which environmentally is excellent news. As I mentioned before, I tend to wear my clothes to death so they’re really no good to be passed on to charity shops. However, our local council have a clothes and textiles recycling facility. Items placed in there will be either passed on to someone who needs them, or recycled to make new items including blankets, cloths and padding for car seats and chairs.

Surprisingly, there are plenty of ways to recycle bras too. One great idea is sending them to bras for breast cancer, who use them to raise money for breast cancer research and to support small businesses in Africa. I quite look forward to recycling all my old clothes and starting the Winter with a whole new wardrobe.

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  1. Hi Nat, give me Marmite over shopping too! Shopping should be simple, but rarely is. The knitware jumper is certainly something I’d be comfy in. You’ve got clothes their for every occasion, which is always a relief.. Even when I do buy something new I tend to keep it as new, which does my daughters head in.


  2. I had no idea that they did more than just clothes! You have picked some great pieces and I am interested to see that the tops are long because I also find that they are usually too short.