Dance Gear review girls in white and purple leotards

Dance Gear ballet clothing review

As 2019 ambassadors for the fabulous Dance Gear, Libby and Lia were delighted to be allowed to try out some of their ballet clothing. The girls have so many hobbies that kitting them out gets really expensive. For the past year, Lia has been in second hand clothes passed on from a friend. So, I decided to treat both girls to a new outfit. They each had a Dance Gear leotard with skirt attached, a cardigan, tights, socks and shoes. Here’s what we thought.

Dance Gear review ballet clothing review lift

Dance Gear Leotards

Whilst Dance Gear stock various high quality brands, they also make their own dance wear. Both girls have a child’s Megan Leotard, Lia has the lilac and Libby the white. They’re well made, fit as per the sizing guide and have a really pretty shape.

Dance Gear review girl in white ballet leotard curtseying
Dance Gear review ballet leotard purple
Dance Gear review girl in white ballet leotard in first position
Dance Gear review ballet leotard purple star jump
Dance Gear review girl in white ballet leotard smiling

You can choose between one or two fabrics to make up the leotard and skirt. We decided to go for all one fabric, which works out cheaper. We went quite large with Libby’s Leotard because she’s likely to have another two years of wearing white in ballet class. It is loose on her now but still hangs well and I can see that she will be able to get another couple of years out of it as long as she doesn’t grow too quickly!

Dance Gear Cardigans

I personally love these crossover long-sleeved cardigans. They’re made from knitted acrylic which is really thick and warm. The sizing of them is generous and the girls love snuggling into them before ballet. Best of all, I was amazed by the price. They only cost £6.45 each, which is so reasonable that I might even treat them to a couple in different colours for general use outside of ballet.

Dance Gear review girl in purple ballet leotard and cardigan
Dance Gear review girl in purple ballet leotard and cardigan on trampoline

Dance Gear Ballet Shoes

As with the other products, the Dance Gear brand ballet shoes are incredibly reasonably priced. I bought a larger size than both girls need at the moment, because they’ve recently had new ballet shoes. The sizes came up as expected, and they also come with a piece of elastic for each shoe that I can sew on to keep the shoes on if we need to.

Dance Gear review ballet shoe

Dance Gear Ballet Tights and Socks

I ordered Dance Gear ballet socks in Libby’s size because I have absolutely no control over which child wears which socks. The socks are much too big for Lia, but she loves them and insisted on wearing them for the photos. Made from polyester, these are basic, ankle-length socks. They’re available in three different colours to suit the child’s ballet uniform or costume.

The Dance Gear ballet tights are nice and thick, ideal for this time of year. Available in four colours, these reasonably priced tights are great value and will definitely become my go-to tights to complete their dancing outfits.

The girls loved trying out all their new clothes in their ballet classes. It was great to be able to order exactly what we needed for the classes they take part in. Dance Gear can also create bespoke orders if you need a show costume or particular outfit.

Dance Gear review girls in white and purple leotards

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  1. How lovely! We’ve tried Dance Gear stuff before too and found it to be good value and good quality. My daughter’s leotards are specific uniform ones, but I must remember to check Dance Gear next time she needs tights or shoes. She has to wear convertible tights now and they’re about £15 a pair!

    1. Oh my goodness, £15 for tights sounds like a lot! Definitely worth checking what they have, I know Dance Gear do stock ballet uniform leotards so it’s worth a look for those as well.

  2. This is all so reasonably priced. I’ll be getting my daughter’s dance gear from here in future!