two little girls in mint green flower girl dresses

Choosing a flower girl dress

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Last year, we were all delighted when my sister’s long-term boyfriend proposed. And nobody was more delighted than Libby and Lia. They immediately assumed that they would be flower girls and luckily, my sister didn’t let them down.

two little girls in mint green flower girl dresses

Choosing the dresses

I remember the trauma of choosing bridesmaid dresses for my own wedding. I was no bridezilla but I did expect a bit of hassle choosing my own dress. I’m not usually one for dresses, especially anything that makes me stand out. This isn’t helped by the fact that I was a competitive swimmer for many years and I never really got rid of my enormous swimmer’s shoulders.

Thankfully though, I went to one shop and found my perfect wedding dress. But when it came to bridesmaid dresses, it was a different story all together. I had my three sisters as bridesmaids and they were all looking for something slightly different from a dress. After hours traipsing around high street stores, we ended up buying the fabric and getting the dresses made by a local dress maker.

I’m pleased to report that my sister hasn’t been through the same trauma finding bridesmaid dresses. I haven’t seen the dresses she chose for the older bridesmaids yet, but they found them quite easily. And as for the girls, Roco clothing came to the rescue in the nick of time.

two little girls in mint green flower girl dresses

Flower girl dresses from Roco Clothing

I spotted the Roco Clothing website and sent my sister a Facebook message. Within a couple of minutes, she had messaged me back saying it was the best choice of flower girl dresses she’d seen. She also sent me a photo of the dress she had chosen for the girls. She went for the beautiful girls mint green party dress.

little girl in a mint green flower girl dress

After ordering the girls’ dresses, they arrived quickly via Royal Mail. They were sent on hangers with clothing covers over them, so they arrived in perfect condition. The girls couldn’t wait to try them on and they weren’t disappointed.

little girl in a mint green flower girl dress

These dresses are made from thick, high quality fabric. The stitching on them is sturdy and the zips go up and down well. I ordered a 4-5 for Lia and a 5-6 for Libby. They fit perfectly and both girls are delighted. We haven’t bought shoes or accessories for them yet, but I know that whatever they wear with these dresses, they’re going to look beautiful.

little girl in a mint green flower girl dress with her back to the camera

Looking forward to the wedding

Since my sister announced that she was getting married, the girls have talked about nothing else. They’ve been practicing being flower girls – which they think means carrying around baskets of flowers and throwing them at the bride all day. I’ve already texted my sister once to ask if she could bring the wedding forward because the girls are driving me mad. Needless to say, having their dresses has only increased the excitement levels. But now that we’ve seen their beautiful dresses, we can’t wait to see the girls walking up the aisle behind their aunty on her big day.

two little girls in mint green flower girl dresses

[AD] Contains gifted products

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  1. Oh those flower girl dresses are so beautiful. My twin sister’s boyfriend proposed to her on Valentine’s Day and the girls and I are going to be bridesmaids when she gets married. I can imagine how exciting it is for your girls looking forward to their aunty’s wedding 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, they look adorable! The dresses look really good quality too. The girls have their posing down to a fine art already 😉 I’m sure they will look just perfect. xx

  3. Hi Nat, seeing the photo of your two girls looking all dressed up and cheeky in the main image I had to pop over and look. I love to see little girls dressed up, but still being little girls. Your two are naturals in front of the camera and Roco Clothing sound like knights in shining armour!