little girl holding cushion with photo of children on it, personalised father's day card and chopping board with sunset photo of dog on

Grab 40 per cent off A Snapfish Father’s Day for the Dad who has it all

Let’s face it, there’s one of ‘those’ people in every family. You know the one, and you probably have the same conversation with him every year.

“What do you want for Christmas / birthday / Father’s Day?”

“Oh, there’s nothing I need.”

“I don’t care, you know I need to get you something from the kids and if I just choose something, you won’t like it.”

“It’s fine, just get me anything.”

“Happy Father’s day.”

“I don’t like it.”

In case you hadn’t guessed, that someone in our family is my dad. And my husband isn’t much better. So, thank goodness for Snapfish personalised gifts. Because they really do save the day.

little girl holding cushion with photo of children on it, personalised father's day card and chopping board with sunset photo of dog on

Personalised Father’s Day gifts and cards

Personalising a gift really is the only way to ensure that it’s something the awkward man in your life will love. My husband lives for the weekends and holidays. Trips in the camper van, days out with the girls, being outdoors and active. Dog walks, visiting new places and spending time as a family. And being able to design a gift based that theme is the perfect way to ensure he will like it.

The Snapfish website is the easiest thing ever to use. Gifts are in simple to follow sections. Cards are divided into occasions, then you choose the layout. You can choose one or multiple photos – or just words or a Snapfish background if you prefer. For us, it’s all about the photos. I don’t often snap a good one of them all together, but this one from Goodrich Castle is one of our favourites.

Personalised father's day card from snapfish
Disclaimer: This is not my husband’s actual face.

A personalised cushion

When we first got Bubbles, she was a particularly chewy puppy. I say this to people and they nod knowingly and commiserate with tales of their puppies who once chewed the corner of their bed. Well let me tell you people, you have NO IDEA.

photo of a dog sat in a bluebell field with hills in background

We went through a stage where none of us had a matching pair of shoes. My husband bought her a cow knuckle from the butcher to chew on once, as if it was the solution. She ate it. All of it. Barely pausing for breath. We had to remortgage the house to pay for her appetite for dog beds and stopped buying cushions all together. But now, she has finally calmed down. So, a cushion was literally the perfect gift. Especially one with the girls’ photo on.

cushion with a photo of two little girls on it

A few months back, we took the girls to the National Forest Adventure Farm, where they chose a pumpkin to carve. On the tractor journey over, the girls were sat together enjoying the view and I snapped this gorgeous photo. Within a couple of minutes of uploading it, I’d created this huge cushion with the girls’ photo on it. My husband adores it and it’s such a focal point for the living room. Everyone comments on it when they walk in.

little girl sat in field of oilseed rape holding cushion with a photo of two little girls on it

A love-hate relationship

I’ll be honest, my husband has a love-hate relationship with Bubbles. She is a beautiful dog, but she does have a naughty streak which drives him mad. So, what better gift than a chopping board with her photo on it? And I took a photo a few weeks ago that fitted the bill perfectly. Even the man who has everything couldn’t fail to love it.

apple on chopping board with a photo of a dog against a sunset

If someone in your life would appreciate a personalised gift, you can get a massive 40% discount from everything on the Snapfish website until 30th June 2018 by entering the code GIFT4DAD at the checkout.

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  1. Hi Nat, what is it with men? My Dad and husband are the same… The cushion with your girls on is lovely and the quality of the picture looks so good on it too. I do love that photo of Bubbles, it makes her look like an ornament. She sounds very similar to Zola, who is full of energy, painfully so sometimes. Buddy is the chewer though, he doesn’t tend to chew the shoes but is a bugger for nipping shoelaces short! His precision is unnerving!


    1. Oh I’m glad it’s not just our family with the ungrateful men!! Oh gosh the energy thing is hard work isn’t it? Zola is so beautiful though I bet you forgive her easily!