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Wyevale breakfast with Santa

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This morning, we were lucky enough to be invited to attend Wyevale Garden Centres breakfast with Santa. We chose to go to Hereford Wellington Garden Centre because it is both nearby and in a lovely location. When we arrived, we were shown to our table where the children had a plethora of things to keep them entertained until breakfast time. Christmas crackers, colouring pencils, an activity sheet and chocolate coins.

The look on Libby’s face when she was allowed to pull her Christmas cracker was priceless. She was also pretty pleased with the gift in her cracker. Who doesn’t want to be a pirate at Christmas time?

When breakfast arrived, we were all pretty impressed. Santa wasn’t actually there during breakfast. Libby kept asking when he was arriving but it was ideal that he wasn’t there whilst they were eating because they focused on their food.

I was so impressed with the breakfast. We all had a lovely full English (vegetarian version for me) and true to form, I had already eaten half of my breakfast before I manage to take a photograph, but this was Lia’s.

Wyevale Garden Centres breakfast with Santa

After breakfast, the lovely waitress brought out some cookies for the girls to decorate. This was brilliant. They had an icing bag that they could use themselves to pipe the icing on and they dropped their decorations on top. This was Libby’s effort.

Wyevale Garden Centres Breakfast with Santa

When the cookies were decorated, Santa arrived. All of the children (except for Lia who doesn’t trust beardy men dressed in red) gathered around for him to chat with them.

Then they each had a turn at chatting to him. They were allowed to choose their own gift which I always prefer because they end up with something that they really love.

Libby chose a lovely little craft set that allows her to create pretty ornaments with coloured sand. Lia went for toy a hair and beauty kit. Odd for an 18 month old but she just loves having her hair done so I wasn’t surprised.

She even managed to get close enough to Father Christmas for me to take a photograph that they were both in. She still doesn’t trust him but it’s definitely progress.

Both of the gifts were lovely quality, I was so impressed at how much you get for the price of breakfast. After Santa had gone, the girls sat on his seat to compare gifts.

Wyevale Garden Centres breakfast with Santa

Breakfast with Santa is £9.99 per child. Adults can have either a full breakfast for £7.99 or a mini breakfast for £3.99. The same prices apply if you want to have tea with Santa instead of breakfast.

I personally thought this was incredible value for everything you got. I will probably take the girls to this again next year. It was such a lovely morning out and a great excuse for the husband and I to enjoy a weekend breakfast treat.

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