Little Red Riding Hood on stage at The Swan Theatre Worcester with autumnal colours in the set

Little Red Riding Hood at Worcester Swan Theatre: Review

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Little Red Riding Hood is a Worcester Repertory production for young children. Aimed at pre-school children who are not quite ready to cope with the full theatre experience, the production takes place in the smaller Swan Studio. It’s full of songs, music and family fun and serves as a great introduction to theatre for little ones. Soph and Bertie (age nearly 3) went along to see what the production was like for little theatre goers.

About Little Red Riding Hood at Worcester Swan Theatre

On arrival, visitors can head into the intimate Swan Studio to make themselves comfortable. This production lasts just over an hour and has a very small cast and a basic set. There is less of the loud noise and chaos you might expect with a traditional family theatre production, particularly something like a pantomime.

Instead, the audience can follow Little Red Riding Hood as she journeys through the forest. Laden down with a basket of lovely treats for her Granny, Little Red Riding Hood meets some friendly creatures on her journey. Look out though, because she will also meet the BIG BAD WOLF!

Luckily, with the help of the enthusiastic audience, Little Red Riding Hood is able to send the Big Bad Wolf packing!

The Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood on stage at The Swan Theatre Worcester

Little Red Riding Hood at Worcester Swan Theatre: Review

If your child is aged around 3 to 6, this production is the perfect way to introduce them to theatre. Younger children than that may find it a little difficult to focus on this sort of show, and older ones may prefer to go to the Swan Theatre Pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk.

The production features just two actors, with each one interacting with the audience whilst playing their role. The show has some lovely simple songs that children can get into and sing along. They’ll definitely come out of there with an ear worm – and parents probably will as well!

This is a really enjoyable introduction to theatre for young children. If they already like to watch things like the cBeebies pantomime on the television OR enjoy the sort of toddler groups that encourage a sing song, they’re going to particularly love it.

At not quite three years old, Bertie enjoyed the show but his mum thought it would be better suited to slightly older children. This ties in with the information on the Swan Theatre website, which states that the show is perfect for little ones aged 3-6.

About the Worcester Repertory Company

The Worcester Repertory Company was formed in the 1960s. Since then, it has been putting on fabulous productions throughout the UK, and more recently they have been touring internationally. Its Patron Imelda Staunton began her professional career at The Swan Theatre.

We have been going to Worcester Repertory shows at the Swan since our girls were tiny. They do so many family friendly performances that it’s where many local children first develop a love of theatre.

As well as standard theatre productions, the Worcester Repertory Company put on simpler shows for young children such as this one, and other unusual performances like outdoor theatre. I went along to The Importance of Being Ernest in the Gardens of Worcester Commandery earlier in the year and that was brilliant too.

Little Red Riding Hood and a character in green dungarees on stage at The Swan Theatre Worcester

What you need to know about Little Red Riding Hood at Worcester Swan Theatre

When is Little Red Riding Hood at Worcester Swan Theatre?

There are performances at various times of day including morning, lunchtime and evening from 15th to 24th December 2023.

Where can I get tickets for Little Red Riding Hood at Worcester Swan Theatre?

Tickets are available to book from the Worcester Theatres website.

How long does Little Red Riding Hood at Worcester Swan Theatre last?

Just over an hour.

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