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Ludlow Pantomime: Review

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The Ludlow Pantomime for 2023 was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We headed over for the final performance of 2023 and what an incredibly special show it was.

Catchy music, extravagant costumes and fantastic professional actors. All supported by the best team of young performers you’ll see anywhere.

I’ve put together a review of the show, plus all the information you’ll need to know about Ludlow Pantomime 2024, Beauty and the Beast.

Ludlow Pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – the Story

Ludlow Pantomime’s retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was relatively true to the fairytale. But of course in true panto style, it was hilarious, upbeat and heaps of fun.

The evening starts with instrumental versions of some cheesy classics to get the audience in the mood to join in and sing along. Then, we’re introduced to the stars. Most notably Snow White herself, Muddles, Prince Rudolph, Nanny Edna Bucket, the Wicked Queen, Lord Chamberlain, the Town Crier and of course, the Magic Mirror.

When Snow White’s father the King mysteriously disappeared, his evil sister Titania of Mudlow proclaimed herself Queen. This cruel witch banished Snow White to work in the kitchen until her 21st birthday, which is when we meet her.

Worried that Snow White is entitled to take control of the Kingdom, the Queen orders Lord Chamberlain to take her to the woods and kill her. Fortunately, the Lord Chamberlain isn’t as much of a villain as we assume at the beginning of the show and he spares Snow White’s life.

That’s when she meets the fantastic 7 banished wise councillors to the King – or the 7 dwarfs. They take Snow White in, providing her with a safe place to stay until her friends come to rescue her and provide the happy ending we’ve all been hoping for.

Professional performers and ensemble on stage in the Ludlow Pantomime

Ludlow Pantomime: The Verdict

This is the pantomime that has it all. We can categorically say it’s one of the best Christmas days out in Shropshire. From the moment the music played to signify the beginning of the panto, the whole audience was enthralled. There was plenty of adult humour mixed in with a good smattering of silliness to keep the kids giggling.

Professional panto stars worked brilliantly with the young performers, allowing each of them to have their time to shine. Classic panto moments included the usual audience participation, plus traditional unwilling victims who succumbed to the dame’s hunt for a husband.

Singing and dancing was both funny and technically brilliant. The story was told in such an engaging manner that nobody took their eyes off the stage for a moment. By the end, the whole theatre was on their feet to sing along, show appreciation and give multiple standing ovations.

I’m not sure whether it was due to the fact it was the last night or whether Ludlow is always such an appreciative crowd. But either way, the atmosphere was incredible.

Ludlow Pantomime 2023: The Cast and Crew

The Cast

I know it’s traditional to introduce the professional performers first. But you’ll have to bear with me on this occasion because there were seven absolute stars in the Ludlow Pantomime who completely stole the show.

Two teams of young performers played the Seven Dwarfs. The night we went, Team Chelsea were on duty. This consisted of Oscar, Faith, Beth, Kristiyan, Jessie, Martin and Ava. Walking on their knees to look small with little boots in front of them and huge cloaks behind, every single one of them gave a flawless performance. A particular shout out has to go to Oscar in his role as Pops. For brilliant vocals and heaps of character.

Ludlow Pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on stage

The captivating ensemble dancers were Olivia, Meg, Ivy, Bethany, Lily, Matilda, Fynley and Matilda.

My girls were really taken with Morgan-Rees Davies. His highly amusing portrayal of Lord Chamberlain and the King had them in fits of laughter. However, his evil streak had nothing on that of Brenne-Shaye Burton as Wicked Queen Titania. We were so impressed with her singing. Making such a beautiful voice sound positively sinful must be a real skill.

Benjamin Vivian-Jones was the perfect pantomime dame as Nanny Edna Bucket. Nanny Edna’s extravagant costumes got us all giggling before she even opened her mouth.

Fern Duffy as Snow White and Alexandre Blin as Prince Rudolph made a suitably gorgeous couple. Meanwhile, poor old Muddles played by Luke Race could only look on as they fell in love. Luke’s facial expressions had the whole audience on his side, willing Snow White to choose him, but it wasn’t to be.

Hollie Weaver’s rhyming line delivery as the Mirror was really magical and Oliver Handley gave his usual incredible performance in the role of Town Crier. We have seen Oliver perform in multiple productions now and whatever role he plays, he always makes it his own and makes us all laugh.

The Crew

The Ludlow Pantomime 2023 was directed and co-produced by Jack Ludwig. Jack also runs Ludwig Theatre Arts (more information below). My girls have taken part in a couple of Jack’s junior productions and the first time I saw one, I was genuinely shocked at how incredibly professional and enjoyable it was.

Having seen the standard of Jack’s amateur shows, it came as no surprise at all that a professional pantomime put on by Jack and his team was absolutely brilliant.

Choreography was by Leianne Bates, Principle of Insteps Dance Academy in Ludlow and Fullout Dance Academy in Leominster.

The Musical Director was Ian Room, a local director, pianist and arranger with 40 years of musical theatre experience.

The Stage and Company Manager was Megan Davies. Another star of the Ludwig Theatre Arts team and a passionate musical theatre performer.

About Ludwig Theatre Arts

The director of Ludlow’s pantomime was Jack Ludwig who runs Ludwig Theatre Arts (LTA). As I mentioned above, my girls have taken part in a couple of Jack’s productions. They have also been along to some of his musical theatre lessons. So, I wanted to add in a bit of information about LTA for local parents of young performers.

LTA offers Musical Theatre, Acting, Dance and Vocal training for young people in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire. They also put on amateur productions for adults.

Jack’s junior shows for 7-17 year-olds are as professional as anything I’ve seen young people participate in. He works with professional props, costumes, choreographers and vocal coaches. The backstage team of chaperones are all fantastic with the kids and seeing their confidence blossom from the audition through to the show is always a treat.

Jack also has an unusual knack for bringing out the best in little ones. My youngest is a quiet child who gets constantly overlooked. To the extent that people have no idea whether she’s there or not. Yet from the moment she started working with Jack, he really saw her. She has overcome her shyness to play roles with lines and solos that she delivers loudly and confidently.

In the past 18 months both of my girls have developed into outgoing performers thanks to LTA. Friends and family love going to see them perform, not just to see the girls themselves but to watch all the other kids that Jack has transformed into absolute stars.

Ludlow Pantomime 2024 FAQs

What is the Ludlow Pantomime 2024?

Ludlow pantomime 2024 will be Beauty and the Beast.

When does Ludlow Pantomime 2024 take place?

Ludlow’s Beauty and the Beast Pantomime 2024 will be showing from 12th to 31st December 2024

Where does Ludlow Pantomime take place?

Ludlow Pantomime takes place in the comfortable and recently refurbished Ludlow Assembly Rooms.

How do you get tickets for Ludlow Pantomime 2024?

Tickets are available on the Ludlow Assembly Rooms website and you’ll get a 10% discount if you book before 31st March 2024.

When is the relaxed performance of Ludlow Pantomime 2024?

Beauty and the Beast relaxed performance takes place on Friday 27th December 2024 at 2 pm.

Will there be a sign language interpretation of Ludlow Pantomime 2024?

The first BSL Interpreted performance of Beauty and the Beast takes place on Thursday 12th December 2024 at 6.30 pm.

Is there an adult only showing of Ludlow Pantomime 2024?

The adult only (over 18) performance of Beauty and the Beast at Ludlow Assembly rooms takes place on Friday 13th December 2024 at 8.00 pm.

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