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Thursday Photo #172

At the beginning of every week, I decide that this one will be quieter. We’ll do less, stay at home more. Perhaps potter around the shops. But then Libby asks me to do something, usually an item from her summer holiday list. And I remember that in a couple of weeks, she’ll be in a classroom and I’ll be sitting at home without her. So work goes on hold for another day, and off we go again. This week’s escapades On Thursday, we headed to Drayton Manor for the day. The girls wanted different things as usual, with Libby heading for the…

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It pays to be friendly in business

Before going self-employed I held numerous roles, all of which put me in contact with questionable characters. And I don’t mean clients, I mean my colleagues. Since then I’ve worked hard to put myself into a position where I take on the work I want to do and turn down the rest. I charge set fees but better still, I choose who I work with. My criteria for working with someone 1. Respect If someone emails me asking me to do something for them and they’re going to give me the sum total of nothing in return, they don’t respect me. That…

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