Thursday Photo #172

At the beginning of every week, I decide that this one will be quieter. We’ll do less, stay at home more. Perhaps potter around the shops. But then Libby asks me to do something, usually an item from her summer holiday list. And I remember that in a couple of weeks, she’ll be in a classroom and I’ll be sitting at home without her. So work goes on hold for another day, and off we go again.

This week’s escapades

On Thursday, we headed to Drayton Manor for the day. The girls wanted different things as usual, with Libby heading for the fastest rollercoaster she was allowed on. Meanwhile, Lia was looking for the tamest rides she could find. Nothing too fast or frightening.

Drayton Manor Park theme park and zoo, Tamworth, West Midlands | Drayton Manor Park is a theme park that caters for kids and big kids of all ages. There are rides, play areas and a zoo that are perfect for toddlers, with the Thomas Land area aimed specifically at young children. For thrill seekers, there are big rollercoasters in Drayton Manor Park. It is one of the most fun days out in the West Midlands.

Friday was a very different sort of day, we headed to Croome National Trust to look around the Walled Gardens. It was fabulous to see the girls exploring the ultimate secret garden. There were tunnels, beautiful flowers and cake. Perfect.

The Walled Gardens at Croome National Trust in Worcestershire, West Midlands | Croome Walled Garden is the largest walled garden in Europe. It has a hot wall with furnaces, tunnels to explore, a pond and several wells. There are lawn games for children to play and for them, it is like exploring a secret garden. The walls give the garden a microclimate similar to that in the Loire Valley. This is a fascinating example of a historical garden that is a real adventure for the whole family.

Having sworn I wouldn’t do anything other than work at the weekends, I was swayed by the bad influence that is my husband. So on Sunday, we all piled into kayaks and headed down the River Severn. We were on the water for about three hours and saw several herons and kingfishers and a mink. We even managed to get off the river just as the rain came.

Monday took us to another National Trust property, Brockhampton. This is a stunning location and it was wonderful to catch up with an old friend and her adorable little girl. Tuesday was an eye-hospital appointment for Libby, followed by a picnic at the park with some friends. We rounded off the week with a day at the beach with two of my sisters and our dogs. And now, we really do need a rest. We’ll see.

Random acts of kindness

Blogging is a wonderful thing and my girls get opportunities that I couldn’t even have dreamed of as a child. But I do worry that they don’t appreciate all that they have. So on Monday, I explained to Libby that we were going to do something nice for someone else. We’d take a small gift with us to Brockhampton, and Libby could give it to someone who was kind to her during the day.

Libby’s first reaction confirmed to me that this was the right thing to do. She immediately got upset that she couldn’t have a present. But with a little persuasion, she got into the spirit of it. She chose to give it to the lady in the café at Brockhampton, who was wonderful. She chatted to her about the little gift, and told her it was a lovely thing to do.

So when we went to her eye appointment on Tuesday, Libby came up with her own act of kindness. She had to have drops in her eyes for a test, which she hates because they sting. So without prompting, she asked to take a small toy for the nurse to give to the next child to have the eye drops. The nurse kindly did so, and pointed the little boy in our direction. He and his mum came over to thank Libby and she could see that it had helped him to cope with having the drops in his eyes.

And Libby realised the joy of doing something for somebody else. Mission accomplished.

Our Thursday Photo #172

I’ve taken some lovely photos of the girls this week. But this one of them playing, carefree on the sand-dunes has to be my favourite. It has been a manic week, but I’m not complaining.

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  1. Aww, that random act of kindness from Libby was so sweet! It was lovely that she decided to help someone else out of her own accord and without prompting. I think I need to do this with my boys too, especially my eldest. 🙂 x

    1. Thank you. Interestingly I found it more important with Libby as it seems to come naturally to the younger one as she has been brought up sharing and being kind to her sibling whereas the eldest seems to struggle a bit more with the concept.

  2. I love that Libby decided to do a random act of kindness all by herself – what a lovely thing for her to do. Teaching our children to be kind is such an important thing to do. Sounds like you have had a lovely week, if a bit of a busy one! I love the photo of the girls dressed up and the one of them sliding down the sand-dune.

  3. What a lovely idea to do and then for Libby to do it on her own is just wonderful. The school holidays can get busy, I’ve been penciling in quiet days to give the girls a chance to have a rest and just play with their toys. Thankfully with their birthdays they’ve been desperate to just play x

  4. Oh my goodness, I love your random act of kindness idea! Just so special and I’m sure Libby will remember it forever, as will the little boy. So precious. Looks like you’ve been super busy. Love the dog’s tongue – he looks worn out lol!