Our Thursday Photo #79

18 months ago almost to the day, I decidedย it would be great to launch a series on my blog called Our Thursday Photo.

I thought it was a lovely idea to photograph both girls together every week.

Lovely to look back on, I thought.

Great opportunity to make sure I get loads of photos of both girls together I said to myself.

Let me tell you now, I was a fool.

The first few weeks were easy. In fact, several months passed before I started to realise that this wasn’t such a great idea.

It wasn’t until Lia started walking that I understood what a huge mistake I’d made.

So now that I’ve become a reluctant expert in the topic, let me explain toย you how to take a photograph of two toddlers in 20 easy steps.

1. Look forย the camera.

2. (SIX WEEKS later) Find the camera.

3. Look for the lead to connect the camera to the computer.

4. Realise that you no longer have the lead. Remember that you now have toddlers instead.

5. Take out the mobile phone. Again.

6. Wait half an hour while the toddlers take photographs of the dog, television, their dad, their fingers and up each other’s noses.

7. Delete the toddlers’ photos.

8. Put both children on the sofa.

9. Chase one child at a time around the house.

10. Pick each child up off the floor, tend to stubbed toes and bruised foreheads.

11. Put both children on the sofa.

12. Tell them to say cheese.

13. Not working. Children jumping up and down. Tell them to say biscuits.

14. Both children realise there are no biscuits. Dry more tears.

15. Put both children on the sofa.

16. Take 9,723,986 photographs.

17. Realise that EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Is just a blur.

18. Repeat steps 5 to 17.

19. Repeat steps 5 to 17.

20. Edit and post the least awful photograph.

And the moral of that story – in case you hadn’t guessed – is that if you are considering a commitment to taking a weekly photograph of two young children, don’t do it.

And on that note, here is our Thursday photo #79. I am now sitting in a darkened room with a glass bottle of wine dreading looking forward to next Thursday.

Thursday Photo #79

32 thoughts on “Our Thursday Photo #79

  1. Jess

    Haha this made me laugh! I gave up trying to set up photos with Abbie when she started crawling, now I just try and capture the moments when she’s playing or doing something when she’s almost still lol x

  2. marianne hopwood

    I think your pics are gorgeous, but this did make me chuckle ๐Ÿ™‚ I got the phone I have purely based on the camera in it (Nokia Lumia) – not fancy digital SLR quality, but better than my own digital camera (no idea where it is anyway), and always in my pocket so I can snap away. Also I just email myself the pics, so no worries about finding leads. A few years ago I said ‘why do I need a camera in my phone, I have a camera?’. Do not listen to me about what I need, I’m clueless about predicting what I suddenly can’t live without.
    marianne hopwood recently posted…Whizz, Pop, Bang! Science magazine for kidsMy Profile

  3. Ally Messed Up Mum

    The exact reason I’ve never started a linky myself, especially not one with photos, I’m so rubbish at catching the important moments! I never think to take photos, I get too carried away in the moment. Well done for continuing for so long, if I ever get a photo, I’ll try and add!! x

    1. monsteridNatalie Ray Post author

      Ah thank you Ally but it’s not a linky – I’m really not into linkies (*ducks* – fully aware this is controversial) it’s just something I do for us to keep.x

  4. Bear and Cardigan

    Haha! That’s exactly it! I only have one toddler to photograph, he’ll sit perfectly whilst I get the camera and as soon as its in my hand he’s just a blur. As soon as I give up he’ll strike the most adorable pose lol.


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